Friday, November 5, 2010

Review: Collectorz Books! Imagine Cataloging ALL Your Books~COOL!

Book Collector~Collection Database Software
Price: Standard: $29 Pro: $49
Ages: HS-Adult
I say: Useful!

I'm a book nut.  We have loads of books~954 PLUS (not all are entered..YET!) and one of my biggest challenges is FINDING THE ONE I need! Have you ever looked and searched~hunted down a book you needed in your own home because it wasn't just where you "thought" you'd left it? I have! And now Collectorz has a solution~organization with online cataloging!

I have to confess that I've given this software to my BIG book collecting daughter who in her 16 year old collection has wayy more Manga and young adult fiction than I can to know about, but she also has collected quite a few classics~whoot! woot!

Okay, to tell you about Collectorz~There are several things you can organize:
Mp3 downloads

Using Collectorz is easy.  With a simple download (literally SECONDS!) you can im-put your ISBN numbers or author or title into the system and it will remember it for you! I played some using just titles and it took a little longer and gave me a list to pick from, but it did show me that typing authors wasn't absolutely necessary!  There are loads this system will do.  You can print a simple list of your books.  You can mange your loans so they come BACK! You can know what you own, so you won't purchase duplicates. You can talk to others about your library of books.  You can create a wish list.  Your list can be put on I-Phone or I-pod Touch!  This is soo way cool for a book addict like me~please head over to ck it out!

If you want you can set up a TRIAL version with a limit of 100 books~such a neat way for your child or yourself to see if you like it~and for your teen to track their books!

I think this is neat because you can SEE your book covers and also have a handy list~all in one place totally accessible anytime! Did you know you can sort by author/year, author/title, ISBN, year purchased, or number of pages.  Who wants to keep up with paper copies of their organized and cataloged books?  We first printed a hard copy of all our entering and organization when we put our books in our bookcases about a year ago.  Very shortly the list came up missing~With Collectoz you never lose it! WOW!

There's a manual for rough spots! And tech support along with a FAQ section.
Head over HERE to see what the CREW is saying!

I received Book Collector in order to write a review and give my honest opinion without monetary compensation. My opinions are my own.


Heidi... said...

Great review! About 6 years ago, my kids and I counted all of our children's books... over 1300... then... not sure now. ; ) I may need to look into this because I'm always asking "Has anyone seen our copy of....?"

Lorie said...

Terrific review! I am so jealous. I didn't get in on this one. I may just have to splurge buy it.