Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday: Week 3 In THE Groove!

Sister T is on a roll~or so it seems! I've been five weeks tomorrow SUGAR FREE and white free! This is HUGE~I have a very long way to go to become a normal weight.  With such a challenge I am looking to keep going in a sustainable lifestyle change. This is NO diet for meDiets don't work long term, and I need long term.  My program this week has been generally on tap.  I haven't veered off as best I can tell. Here's the details:

Monday:  Continued to drink water and eat healthy.  Healthy is almost no processed foods. I do eat store bought whole wheat bread and this will change if I can get some good whole wheat flour to use...My energy is picking up!  I began some deep cleaning in preparation for the holidays.

Tues:  Pretty much the same as Monday.  I have several things I do throughout the day to work my program of recovery for my food addiction. I go to a meeting online every day.  I pray and read literature.  I speak with others who are in my program about progress and hope of recovery.  I eat as prescribed by my program.  I am becoming a little more active.  Drinking water is important.

Wed:  I am continuing that same routine. Did I ever say that I am eating breakfast each morning? It really jump starts my day! I am even looking forward to it each morning! Who know, I may MAY get into coffee..but for now, it's water ALL the way...except when I have milk with a meal or a caffeine free/diet soda...rarely.

Thurs:  I added a walk with our dog today. Poor thing got stuck with only me to do it, so we went 1/2 a block together...Continued my plan.

I want to report that my clothes are continuing to bag on me.  Not too badly yet. I am already a pants size down from when I began, but I am looking forward to getting BACK into my smaller clothes...and then going on down, down, down to a normal healthy weight.  I will weigh the end of this month unless I get sick and go to the MD before that date.

I am already planning on how to remain on my program during the holidays.  I have challenges where the foods best for me are overshadowed with all the goodies that I no longer can have.  I have insulin resistance which is the precursor to diabetes...I DO NOT want diabetes! NO! NO! NO!  Sooo surgar is OUT! NO CHOICE!  I am asking my family to think differently this holiday~thanksgiving~with me.  Instead of a huge meal, I want to plan a family activity that doesn't surround food.  Let's face it, food is a fuel...and WHO socializes and makes special the time we fuel our other "vehicles" at the gas pumps? I don't want to deny food its place, but I don't want it to take over the day either...HOPE it's pretty weather~how about a bike ride or a walk or a trip to the movies~wonder what's playing?  IF nothing else, I want to haul out the Monopoly or 1K piece puzzles...or Boggle..some game that's fun...

There's a bunch doing Fit Mommy Fri~head on over to join and see what's happening             !


momma24 said...

Great week! Keep up the good work. :)

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Five weeks of no sugar is awesome! I wish I had some control like that! Keep it up!!!!!!

Pink Slippers said...

I LOVE the idea of a family activity for Thanksgiving! I have also been thinking about how I am going to handle that day, I am not letting one day of food wreck all my hard work right now! You are doing an amazing job! Thank you for the inspiration.

Briana said...

Great job this week! Have you looked into stevia? I don't use it very often, just when I want a sweet treat. There are lots healthy desserts you can make with it. I'm loving pumpkin pie filling right now, it is basically pumpkin, eggs, coconut milk and stevia. I'm not trying to tempt you from your chosen path!

That's awesome that you have been sugar and white flour free for over a month!

I want to play games on Thanksgiving also. I think it would be a great tradition to start.