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Funny Ole Sayings
First Week 2010-11
9/11 2010
Ed u ma ca shun~Can We Do It Today? 1890 8th GR Exam
Helping My Struggling Learner (Interventions)
I KNEW It! Boys and Why some Struggle to Read!

2010 Mini Crew Bloggers

TOS CREW Blog Walking Week 1
TOS Blog Walk Week 2
TOS Crew Blog Walking Week 3
TOS Crew Blog Walk WEEK 4
TOS Crew Blog Walk Week 5
TOS Crew Blog Walk Week 6


Photo Editing~Tiger, the Cat
Photo Editing: Brent Riggs' blog "Purple Mountains, Majesty~America!"

Brent Riggs' Blogs (A Wealth of INFO and Resources!) 

Tips for Staying Cool in This Heat!

Sugar Free Pickles and other FRESH Cucumber Recipes (canning techniques too)
Making Applesauce 2010
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Crafter's Pay It Forward GiveAway (7/2010)

HSLDA eAlerts
HSLDA eAlert (July 23, 2010)

Parental Rights
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NOT Back to School (Heart of the Matter)
NOT Back to School (Heart of the Matter) Curriculum Choices 2010-11 Week
NOT Back to School (Heart of the Matter) Schoolroom WeekNOT Back to School (Heart of the Matter) Student Photo Week
NOT Back to School (Heart of the Matter) A Day in the Life Week

   TOS CREW Blog Cruise
Considering or Beginning Hsing, I Say, WHAT?

SisterT's Talking Money for Hsing!
SisterT's Talking Technology For Homeschooling!
SisterT's Talking Technology for Homeschooling!
SisterT's Talking: Her Reaction to Criticism Regarding Hsing
SisterT's Talking About FREE Time and HOW She Gets It!
SisterT's Talking About Nature Studies!
SisterT's Talking About Puttn' It ALL Together!
SisterT's Talking About Homeschooling on BAD Days!
SisterT's Talking About THEIR Style!
SisterT's Talking About Being a Volunteer!
SisterT's Talking About Transcripts/HS Credits!
Wordless Wed. Good Friends~From Wayy Back

Fit Mommy Friday
SisterT's Joining Up and Going down, down, down....
Day 1

BEX in Charleston, SC

Should Gov Pay For College?

Sunshine and One Lovely Blog Awards (8/10)

CONTEST Entries AND the results~
TOS Planner AD Contest~MY Entry!TOS Planner AD Voting~I made the cut!TOS Planner AD Winners!!

Curriculum Cleanout!
Curriculum Cleanout!

The Little Man in the Map Teaches the State Capitals!
Vocabulary Cartoons, SAT Word Power
Fearless by Max Lucado
Math Tudor DVD: PreAlg AND TI 83-84
Review: The Way Home (2010 Christian Drama Film Rated PG)
Review: Entrusted With Arrows (Christian Documentary Film 2010) Rated G
Review: Foundlings, Book One of the Peleg Chronicles (Teen Novel)
Review: LanSchool Home 7.4 Keepn' Up With the Kiddos
Review: Digital Frog's The Digital Field Trip Series
Review: The Treasure of God's Word 400 Yrs of the King James Bible
Review: Yuck!
Review: KB Teachers

Review: Professor in a Box: Financial Accounting (High School elective)