Monday, August 30, 2010

FREE: child's history site (Online encyclopedia)

History For Kids

Reading Help For Struggling Readers (TEENS)

My struggling reader was recently tested for grade level and ability this summer.  Both children were.  While it's good to get this information, it can FEEL really bad.  I've been reminded of my child's struggles, and even though I've known it intellectually, it takes on a new meaning when someone else hands me the news.  We need to work on our reading.  A language based learning disability isn't a death sentence; having come huge huge miles, we have work to do! BUT~he hates OR SAYS he hates to read!

So what's a mom to do? Do I just keep going and plugging along without regard? Of course not! I have gone over the results and been researching until my eyes have nearly spun.  The reviewer who tested was great help, but it honestly took several days after I received the results for me to be able to call her to discuss it.  It just hurt too much. Hurt for him and me.  Both of us have worked so hard, and while I can placate myself with all kinds of niceties about how he might have had a bad testing day, the test was unfamiliar, or that he just "can't" test, I KNOW that if he wants a college education like he says he does, we gotta get the lead out and MOVE like we've not done before by attacking our issues so strongly that they budge and go in the directions we need!  But how?  HOW do I take him further than I even know how~ to push or prod or encourage ever so gently? And what about his heart and spirit being constantly reminded of his struggles as I poke and require something he hates and finds so hard?  Oh Lord, help us!

It's taken a few weeks to assimilate all of the info, get with our consultant and do the research to develop a plan of attack.  I needed to recover and find a good way to go forward.  Lesson planning has taken a back seat while I've researched and cruised website after website.  There was no way to make plans to teach until I knew what we were going to do about all of this. The reviewer suggested a type of books, and I looked for "high interest/low vocabulary" for teens and found a few websites that offer them for a price.  While they may not seem pricey to others, the fact that we really needs about 3-4 books a month make them somewhat prohibitive in cost.  Many books if written on a lower level are juvenile in interest unless designed with a struggling reader in mind, and I am guessing that this entails a specialty that is high end.  Dunno~but it's what I've found.  I did research the library as well to find the collections somewhat limited.  When discussing with a neighboring county branch's Young Adult Librarian, I found that there just isn't the circulation required AND that less books in general are available. I can see that for sure! But this still leaves me with less options for a teen boy who does NOT want to read girly, sissy, baby books.  I can't blame him.  No one wants to waste their time on stuff that doesn't interest them...Soooo again, I've got a huge problem!

With no money, or little money, and limited library resources and a kid with an issue who refuses to be challenged to stuff that he "hates" and has certain reading needs, the librarian of our county system offered me a wonderful site to try.  Search-able by grade level and thereby ability, genre and either fiction or non, this site offers me some hope to help my son.Book Adventure by Sylvan Learning  Oh yes, we plan to utilize whatever is in the collection locally, but once we have titles of these books, I can look state wide.  Did you know many public libraries are networked by state resources? This gets a big thumbs up from me!!

If you are where I am, I offer you a hug and some empathy~but I know we are going to get through this too!  What are your strategies for your struggling reader? Let's share~maybe together we will win and most importantly our kiddos will win finding the success they so much desire!

TOS Craziest PRICE of The Year! (It Doesn't Go Any Lower!)

I'm a TOS affiliate and independent contractor/reviewer, but you gotta know I love TOS Mag! Here's what they've sent me to tell:

We know how seriously homeschooling parents take their conviction to
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Here is the main part of the message to send out, after you have
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Hurry and grab this crazy price today!

Get that great price HERE!

I'm getting tickets to the Expo in exchange for sharing with you about this offer. No other compensation received.

FREE: Biology Study Aid From Prentice Hall (Interactive~soo cool!)

I've just found the neatest thing for high school biology.  Thanks Crewmate L. for alerting me to Prentice Hall textbooks! I went looking and while I found the text, I think the study extensions are awesome! I plan to incorporate these~and you can choose by your state and course needed! Head over HERE to check this out! I was able to do online experiments and more! Whoohoo!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blog Cruise: SisterT's Talking Technology in Homeschooling

ACK! I'm NOT Mrs. Tech, but it sure can enhance what we are doing in our homeschooling! Can  you relate? Are you a book, paper and pencil ONLY school, or DO YOU use technology with your kids too?

Technology can be SUCH A GREAT THING! I love it! AND I try to use it as much as is good for our family. So how much is good for a family?

What a subjective question! Consider the learning style of your child.  Does he like hands on learning or is he visual or auditory?   Here's a FREE online assessment VAK Learning Styles Test  Once you figure out his learning style then you will want to look at the program or device.  Devices can be loads of things from a computer whether it's a desktop or laptop, a camera, hand held game, cd player, mp3 player, or a lights-bells-whistle type toy.  There are endless choices available.  Gone are the days when kids did nothing technological with their play. Most have some sort in their lives even if it's just a fun game they like to play in the play station or wii systems!

When looking at computer programs it's needful to consider the features.  What are the modalities used in the program you are considering?

OK, I've mentioned programs, but technology is MORE than the computer!   Technology can be other things such as a camera or for a preschooler a talking toy! It's so subjective, but for this high school family our love of technology has ended with everyone owning their own laptop being networked, great printer/scanner/fax AND daughter with a drawing pad component.  Our experience is that we began playing just simple games.  They were on an old computer model and the kids learned to navigate with a mouse.  Some time just playing will lend itself to more advanced skills.  My daughter learned to build with html when she fell in love with a book series and learned to make short videos for YouTube.  Her "channel" feedback encouraged her to increase her skills further, and even a simple online game~what was that called??  I'll have to ask her, but she learned the through the tutorials to create all kinds of stuff so that now she's able to build websites and create some graphics.  (Okay, she says it's do I know?) NOT me~but she can!

We used DVDs for software for our curriculum for several years and I well remember typing college papers into Word Perfect and printing b/c I couldn't edit on screen~ha! I NEVER hardly ever print now! (WHY? I make mistakes??? Maybe!) But I do so much online stuff now, including using some online resources for our education such as books online and even curriculum enhancements.

Which leads me to an issue I'm dealing with.  Oh yeah, we homeschoolers are constantly evolving in our processes and lives~I'm looking at high school curriculum this year and along with huge feeling of inadequacy, I am researching how best to tackle this year.  We are hoping to do biology, and I am researching texts.  I have found some online resources, but as I happen to know, all information online is "not equal" meaning it may or may not be reliable.  This is a huge burden in trying to figure out what we need to do.  I'd like to think I can trust the sites I want to use.  I have little knowledge other than my nursing background, but frankly aside from Human A&P which I took two years ago (still own the text) AND the botony elementary book we own, I am not sure of sources.  So in looking at technology, is is always prudent to use internet sources/resources?  I am really praying over this one!  My concern is two fold: their education and their spiritual development.

As I plan this year, using my interactive downloaded planner, my lesson plan download, the web for resources and... ... can't you just see Sister T's home with everyone sitting with laptops in our faces? Yeah, this is sooooooooooo US...and is it all good? I don't know, but we are definitely techy at our house. My latest is some great software using LanSchool which networks us all, and I can teach them from my screen! HOW cool is that? Look for the coming review!

So whether you chose technology today is really a matter of looking at what works best for your family. For us it's been a process of increasing our use, needs and abilities. We're loving it!

Check out what other homeschoolers are saying on the CREW about technology in their homeschools!

GiveAway: New Ken Ham Children's Book (4 copies!)

Reviews and Reflections  is hosting this one! Head on over! (ENDS 9/7)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Farmgirls at Heart~Riding My Bike


It's not as good as a tractor, I'm sure, but riding a 3 wheel bike is loads of fun for this city-slicker farm girl at heart!  Oh what wonderful things I can see, really see as I pedal around the block of our neighborhood.  I really enjoyed riding this week since the weather broke with all the hot temperatures, and we're a tad cooler now!

I can see that autumn is coming quick with the slight chill in the air! Leaves have just a hint of changing color, and it's interesting to SEE more lovely things are in our neighborhood than in a car!

Our neighbor has loaded pear and peach trees and another an apple. Oh, if they only KNEW how much we love...but what's so exciting IS that we can plant just one of each in our yard because they will cross pollinate without our worrying to have to plant more than the one. Those fruit trees are very expensive! Whew! Well, so instead of "coveting" the unused fruit, I am thanking God that I see it, and we can plant and have some too!

Another neighbor was out with her little tiny granddaughter playing~how adorable to see the multi-generations getting on so well~ I bet that little girl loves her grandma!  Sweet!

And just when did the neighbor almost at the other end of the street reside his garage? It didn't look this good a few months ago!!

Well, taking these rides this week have been wonderful and what great exercise!

NOPE, it's not a tractor, and I'm not plowing a field ~ but I rode and had a blast!

Head on over to see what the other Fri Farm Girls at Heart are up to~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

ISSUE ALERT: Parental Rights?

We've got our kids, right?

I mean, we had them or adopted them, right?

We're homeschoolers, or most of us, anyway, but those who are sending their children into the public schools may not be aware of potential growing trends.  There is law that diminishes a parent's influences over their children when they enter the school~yes, that's right! It's MORE than just the fact that those kids are not in their parent's presence and influences at school, but that the school can exercise powers over the parental influences when it sees fit.

Do parents really REALLY understand the dangers of sending their child to the local school?

Do they really understand that it's MORE than cultural things that kids "get" in the school?

AND do we homeschoolers realize what a gift we have in being able to homeschool?

AND what blessings to have our young people at home with us so that we can foster tight bonds of love and teach them as God commands?

According to Parental Rights (dot) Org., new legislation in the form of an appeal from the Ninth Cricuit Court of Appeals, Fields v. Palmdale School District “that the Meyer-Pierce right [of parents to direct the upbringing of their children] does not exist beyond the threshold of the school door.” Is there any wonder the public schools and education are failing our children? mamas and daddies have no influence or rights at the school? Uh...uh...uh...?
  Parental rights are defined as
...the legal obligations and responsibilities that apply to the parent of a child. They can include caring for the child, protecting the child, feeding the child, consenting to medical care, and having physical custody of the child. There are additional legal obligations of caring for a child such as ensuring that they attend school and receive proper medical treatment if they are injured. Failure to meet your legal parenting responsibilities can result in child abuse or neglect. Legal Row/parental rights
I'm celebrating my freedom to homeschool my kids and going to keep a close watch on what's going on with MY freedom~ Head over to Parental! to sign the petition and support protecting parental rights for our children!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Entering and Hosting GiveAways~Some Ideas

I'm hosting a GiveAway HERE! and  keep an updated list of them on the tabs under the header HERE!  Be sure when you are entering these to check the blog for other current ones being hosted as there could be stuff we're missing b/c the links posted show just ONE entry at a time. I hope this helps us all max our ability to enter these and have more fun!


Up front, I'm no pro at this, but I have had ones that were not so successful in driving up my readership and so with that, I HOPE I've learned a few things.

1. Give enough time for readers to find it.

2. Be sure and give the END date/time. (Typo cost me this a little bit ago~now fixed!)

3. Post about the giveAway as much as you can on as many social networks as available.

4.  Pre Announce if possible~

5.  Set to post in a time frame your readers are most likely to find it~I think early wee-hrs of the morning equal early morning readers get a jump on entering!

6.  Link to all giveAways on the post (gotta do this and please forgive me as I'd forgotten)

7.  Find creative/cool ways of offering entries~the more the merrier!

8.  Use a random number generator OR other random method of selection so it's fair game for all.

9.  Add in signature line of emails while in progress.

10.  HAVE FUN creating the post~put the review/critique or whatever purpose of the giveAway for the vendor present with the giveAway so maximum draw is given.  Provide vendor with as much exposure as possible~I am guessing they will remember the attention to detail for further giveAway  opportunities.

What are your methods/ideas? Some of you are MASTERS OF GiveAway!! Whoohoo! (Thanks for having them~they are soo much fun!!)

GiveAway: The Little Man in the Map Teaches the State Capitals

Got Chai? is hosting (ENDS 8/27)

GiveAway: Curriculum Clean Out (Math DVDs and Website Building DVD)

Faith Family and Fun! is hosting.  (ENDS 8/28)

GiveAway: Seventh Generation Back to School package~MY BLOG SPARK

Angela's Analysis is hosting! (ENDS 9/1)

REVIEW/GiveAway: The Little Man in the Map Teaches the State Capitals

The Little Man in the Map Teaches the State Capitals
E. Andrew Martonyi
AGES:  K-Jr. High
Price: $11. 95
Paperback/109 pages.
GiveAway:  See below for ways to enter!

If you are looking for an entertaining way to teach US geography The Little Man in the Map Teaches the State Capitals! is just for you!   Using a fun way of learning, it is easier to learn all the US state capitals.  The drawings are well done in black line cartoon with easy to remember rhymes that are sure to help even a struggling learner.
The author says, " of my key objectives was to find a straightforward method for readers to link the clue for each capital with the name of its state.  A rhyme or catchphrase then highlights the name of the capital, and both elements  are reinforced in a humorous cartoon."

Samples and More On FaceBook!
FREE Coloring Pages HERE!

My children think this is a neat book for kids, and I agree!

We reviewed The Little Man in the Map: With Clues to All Fifty States, and am so excited that Mr. Martonyi has written one for state capitals! Thank you, Sir~this is GREAT!
Congratulations on its recent release!!

Here's a video of The Little Man in the Map: With Clues to Remember All Fifty States~

I am so excited to offer a GiveAway for the HOT OFF THE PRESS~The Little Man in the Map Teaches the State Capitals by E. Andrew Martonyi!

Here's how to enter/be sure I can contact you: Go to Schoolside Press and come back leaving me a comment telling me you've visited there~
For Additional entries:
  • Google Friend Connect to me (Follow).
  • Join my Networked Blogs.
  • Create a post announcing this giveAway and leave me your link.
  • Twitter this GiveAway.
  • Facebook this GiveAway.
  • Friend/Like The Little Man in the Map on FaceBook.
  •  For 3 entries add my BUTTON (blog feed) to your sidebar.

    My GiveAway ends 9/1/2010@ 11:59PM EST and will be drawn by random number drawing!

    Oh I am soo excited~you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this new geography tool!  Oh yeah!!

    Please go check out FREEbies/GiveAways to find more items to win!! 

    I received a copy of The Little Man in the Map Teaches the State Capitals from Schoolside Press for review. I've gained no other compensation,  My opinions are my own.

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    GiveAway: Peterson Directed Handwriting

    Homeschooling Hearts and Minds is celebrating her bloggie birthday! (ENDS 8/31)

    FREE: copy of the US Constitution

    Hillsdale College

    FREE: Printables of ALL KINDS

    Family Education

    FREE: Vocabulary for Teens to Adults (Maybe Some KIddos)

    Word Spy

    GiveAway: Birthday Bash~Before FIAR and Wrtiting Strands I

    Homeschooling Hearts and Minds is celebrating BIG TIME! Go join the fun!! (ENDS 8/31)

    Congratualtions TOS AD Winners!!

    OK, the votes are in! The winners are..................

    First Place tie:
    Joy in the Journey 
     and Chatter and Clatter and Things That Matter

    Second Place:
    Families Again

    Third Place:
    Train Up A Child

    Honorable Mention:
    There is Hope

    Photo Enhancement Contest/Lesson

    Brent Riggs of McKlinkyblog is hosting and will email some info on enhancing photos to those who participate!

    Brent says, "I will private online demonstration of what I do to get my outdoor photography to come alive, and send a link to every person who participated by following these instructions and entered the Thumbnail Linky list.:

    This looks like BIG FUN~so here's my entry~

    The Original.
     I uploaded to and then used the saturation of color with some alignment.  I then went to effects and used boost, onton, and mat.
    Sooo whaddaya think?  
    Leave me a comment!
    Purple mountains, majesty...America!

    Monday, August 23, 2010

    GiveAway: Mrs. Mandy's Geography Study

    Mrs. Mandy is hosting (ENDS 9/29)

    Standing UP for the USA!

    GiveAway: $50 to Bright Ideas Press

    TOS Homschool Crew is hosting! (ENDS 8/29)
    OH I'm salivating over this one!

    COUPON CODE for DNG Summer Senations

    Summer Sensations is only $5!
    Here's the code - SSFBFAN HERE!
    Valid through August 31, 2010
      Join the Facebook site HERE!

    CURRICULUM CLEAN-Out! Aug 22-28th

    PhotobucketHead over to check this out!

    FREE: Printables and ALL KINDS Of STUFF

    Donna homeschooling stuff~planners and more!

    GiveAway: 4 Barefoot Books!!

    Audrey's GiveAways is hosting this one!(ENDS 9/10)

    FREE: Charlotte Mason curriculum/lessons/resources

    Ambleside Online Thank you, HS TreasureTrove!

    GiveAway: Birthday BASH WEEK of GiveAways!

    Midwest Mama  is celebrating her second B'Day BIG TIME with a week of giveAways! August 23-27th!! Head on over to get those cool products!

    Today is a set of DVDs from the History Channel~whoohoo!

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    Blog Hop~NOT Back to School ~A Day in the Life Week (Heart of the Matter)

    This is the last week of the Not Back to School~A Day in the Life Blog Hop.  I'd like to WOW you with great pictures of my studious students, but officially we begin after Labor Day! Sooo unofficially we aren't doing much school wise. Kiddos just returned from Grandma's house, and we are putting the finishing touches to the basement refinishing.

    It's my prayer that we all have a wonderful NEW SCHOOL year and that we enjoy our children and families! Happy HSING!

    Glad you stopped by!!  I hope you will check out my tabs and sidebars, AND what the other hsing folks have to say HERE on the hop!

    Leave me a comment if you find something useful.

    Blessings ;-))

    Blog Cruise: SisterT's TALKING MONEY For Homeschooling

    Question: How do you afford to homeschool?

    What are some ways to save money on hsing supplies?

    Let me say upfront that I try TRY to spend as little as possible on as many things as I can with the intention of our money going further than if I didn't practice this strategy.  The big idea: MORE for less!Many hsing families are single income, and we are no exception.

    Over the years money has been an issue at times. We have experienced lean conditions because of employment changes and instability that have had me searching for the things we need.  But HOW we've afforded it is that essentially, we've made it a HUGE priority~a nonnegotiable! We needed supplies so I've found them or bought them at prices we could afford. It's not a fancy philosophy, but one of determination and MORE determination.  We have believed that our children, who GOD GAVE US to raise deserve the best we can give them.  Their educations include a solid knowledge of WHO God is and His Word, but also a good academics.  I'd like to say they are gaining a BETTER education, but my nagging fear and insecurity won't let me make such boasts. But I do believe FIRMLY that homeschooling is the VERY BEST educational option.  Even in light of Christian schooling or prep schooling or whatever other kinds there are, I believe that homeschooling really mirrors everyday life so much more solidly and will prepare a young person for life so much better than a manufactured peer driven world of schooling. Is homeschooling for everyone? NO. Some with impaired intellect or even solid inabilities should probably refrain, but for most of the population, this will not be the case.

    There are solid costs to homeschooling, and this is fully the family's burden.  To weigh the costs, I venture to say that I dare not deprive my children of educational opportunity b/c I desire material things that are fluff. It's a balance of getting the needed supplies and living our lives in a way we can afford. To maintain this balance,  we've chosen to live life more simply with thrift and budgetary constraints rather than my working for pay (BELIEVE ME, we SAHCMs work!) and purchasing more such as eating out, and office/professional wear.  Our focus is our home, and frankly, if I worked outside of it, my focus would be more my job, or I'd be torn.  There have been things in our lives we have done without in order to get needed materials for homeschooling.  I've made-do, re-done, made-over, fixed up and down, created, traded, swapped, freecycled, loaned, borrowed, shopped and reviewed for curriculum to bring us into our tenth year. Let's face it, living on one income can be tough in and of itself, but in these economic times, it's more than tough for some, it seems impossible.  I believe it IS possible to thrive, though in this economic climate.

    I began writing Thriving With No Green$ over a year ago to encourage myself and others to make Lincoln blink when he leaves my pocket so I could have more essentials and niceties in areas where I couldn't find as many savings.  I save EVERYWHERE I can in order to spend in areas where I need to spend.  But let me say that my methods of saving and spending hinge on some key strategies that have worked for us over the years.
    Before buying: RESEARCH the product and compare them.  First by price which I discuss below and features.  Get to know the product you are considering fully before handing off that good hard-earned money.
    COMPARE Prices:  I like to compare prices so I KNOW a good deal when I get one.  What good is saving  50% IF I don't know what it's fifty percent of what totally?

    SHOP but don't BUY until it's the best price possible: Coupons, cents off, specials, deals, used markets and swap boards can really help cut the pricing. Seasonal sales offer savings too. Be sure and compare prices!

    READ reviews and find someone to ask about a new product~especially if I have to pay what I call: FULL BOAT RETAIL~and since I hate to pay THAT much, I shop around. I will hunt for discounts of every variety.  Get to know and read multiple reviews from a reviewer so that you are comparing apples to apples.  IF a reviewer has preschoolers, can they really share with me about high schoolers? Maybe, and maybe not. I find that the more similar a reviewer is to me in their lifestyle the more useful their review is to me in my knowing if the product will work for us.  I read more than their reviews to get a sense of the home, lifestyle and general character... (we don't imagine such comes across in our blogging, do we? ;-))  Think of a reviewer like a trusted friend~someone recommending something for your precious child.  NO ONE would take medicine from the local corner hanging "jock"~so knowing the reviewer or in the case of multiple reviews like the CREW, read many of them if not all to get trends and additional perspectives.  This process will take time, but once it's done, we can be confident that we know just what we are getting for our money.  The TOS CREW is a diverse group of homeschooling parents, and reading to evaluate the products reviewed with some idea of who people are will help.  Oh I know, you won't be able to go straight to the kitchen table of some reviewers, but gaining a grasp of who they are, who their kids are and what their lifestyle is will help compare ourselves to them so we will know if the product is for us.  Listen to that voice inside and trust our gut on these things.  This is a process that takes effort and is well worth it if money is important in affording materials.  There are other groups who review homeschooling products such as the Andreolas from  I have created a book mark tab to keep up with review information so I can easily research some of them. ;-))  

    WAIT: avoid impulse purchasing as much as possible.  If I know this is a deal, I will go for it ONLY if I have practiced the other saving measures KNOWing it's a good deal and JUST what I need.

    AVOID: I avoid purchasing stuff I don't want or need just because it's cute or I MIGHT want to use it!  I am fighting a curriculum addiction, but over the years I realize that stocking for just in case isn't wise UNLESS you can get it virtually free. Doing curriculum or product reviews can provide solid hsing supplies with a great savings.  I have saved stuff I've reviewed for a later time when I knew it would better fit our schedule and needs.  I don't recommend pre-buying even if it's a great~once in a life time price! Before doing this, consider that the product MAY change before you are ready to go with it~thus coming out with a later edition or having enhanced features that won't go with what you have.  With this, any previous savings become  huge losses as you find you will want to go with the upgraded materials. OFTEN TIMES waiting and avoiding this trap works best.

    When discussing things to avoid,  I also want to alert you to schemes of practices to take our money.  Beware of deals too good to be true! Research the overall price and compare the features.  Don't get caught into buying something in order to save without calculating the total cost, and it's more than money but our time and resources.  You know, the old saying IF it's too good to be true, it probably is, right? In hsing, it applies too~just saying ;-))  An example of this, is recently I joined a yahoo group to receive and share freebies to find that the list owner reserves the right to compile the info into a book she publishes. UH...I don't have to line other ppls' purses do I to get a freebie? I am rethinking this group in regard to my values. You might not be put off by this, and that's OK with me. I just think it's good to know these things up front.  Upfront, LIKE the disclosure statements on our blogs for those of us who review and are affiliates of products.  I wanna know, and when I do know then I decide how I want to proceed. My money is important, and so is yours!  KNOW if something is really and truly free!

    And speaking of truly free~

    I utilize FREE as much as possible. Hit that FREEbies/GiveAways button under my header in order to see the fast growing database of resources.  My right sidebar has many many uncategorized resources, but you can read them through pretty quick to see if something grabs you!

    I review homeschool and other products on my blog. You can read about them on CREW and right here as I am given them from time to time.  Reviewing provides an opportunity to get things I might not otherwise be able to afford. We are so thankful to have gotten some very well loved curriculum this way for a great great price~A plug for the CREW: Consider joining up in coming years! It's fun!

    Enter GiveAways and contests for a chance to win curriculum or books you can use. It's not a sure thing obviously, but it is wonderful when you win something you can really use or would like to try~what do you lose but a little time! I post loads of GiveAways on that FREEBIE/GiveAways tab under the header~I keep them updated, and there's a Giveaway Scout widget with current ones being hosted right now~what fun!!

    Freecycle is a group you can join where you can offer or request items through your local chapter and possibly receive them. I've gotten boxes and boxes of good curriculum as well as practical items such as a garden trellis and raspberry canes.  NO KIDDING, this is awesome!  (I received a "pond" that I gave my son which has become somewhat of a hands on horticulture/fish education.)

    Paperback Swap offers book/DVD and CD sharing without the cost of postage. HOW COOL is this? wowsy wow wow!

    I do lots of practical learning as well as academic.  We planted a garden this year, and with its care, cultivation and harvest with food preservation which lends itself to home economic instructions, our practical education often is just incorporating LIFE as our classroom. We aren't unschoolers, but we do utilize the natural world around us.

    We combine subjects between the two grades of my children.  We do combined science, history, literature, Bible, and drama club.  I teach basically one thing and it's applied to each on their own level.  The exception to this is math which we recycle the text from year to year, but not the student worktext, and foreign languages as they are studying different ones and music~again different instruments.

    We use the library a lot.  The location of our local branch was instrumental in the purchase of our current home. We are literally 3 doors down and across a lane.  PERFECT kid hangout~

    Co op classes:  Our homeschool co-ops have provided loads of not just friends, but learning. We've explored all kinds of stuff in these environments. We've lived AND HOMESCHOOLED in three states and each co-op came with not only different people but opportunities. This past year as well as our current year we are involved in a drama co-op.  HSLDA has a data base of groups from all over the nation. RESEARCH these as well~all groups have unique features and personalities! Find one or more that fit your family!

    You can start one with some other homeschoolers in your area if one isn't available.  A few years ago a couple of friends with their kiddos joined us for an afternoon of fun once a week that was educational.  It was pretty informal but also structured.  The kids formed some close bonds and had good fun.  Just knowing others who homeschool can be the beginning if you desire a group learning experience.

    Church programs such as AWANA and VBS.   My teenage children help in VBS and my daughter teaches in children's church.  On occasion on Sunday's my son will run the sound board.  They participated in missions outreach ministries this summer. All of this was virtually free if using gasoline to transport isn't counted and community resources such as local field trips and instructions that are minimal or no cost.

    Community Resources:  We have visited state parks for the naturalist to give us a program with other hsing families.  We have participated in community events such as parades, walks, runs, bike meets, egg hunts and more.  We've done community theater as well as finding a hsing drama group when we moved from the community based one we left behind. . ALL of these things teach~no, they aren't academics, but can help built a sense of giving back and community within a child.

    Ebay,, vegsource, and others~Comparing prices is so important!.  I like to KNOW my pricing!

    I recycle as much as I can.  I use found items and all kinds of stuff over the years.  We are becoming a little more simplified now that we are in the upper grades, but I will purchase used binders of good condition for fractions of the cost or other items when available.

    Yard Sales/Thrift Stores: I have found gobs of stuff this way.  Just about two weeks ago I ran into an education major who was selling off her binders and unused materials...I got *some* of it b/c obviously, to get it all would have been a waste as it wasn't appropriate for our grades.  But I paid a dime for a nice 3 ring binder when at the lowest price it would have been a dollar new.

    I buy in bulk. The cheap school supplies like 15 cent notebooks I buy by the arm load.  Pencils and more are purchased this way too.  I look for breaks anyway I can find them.

    USE what I have: OFTEN, I just don't or can't purchase an item just because we want it. Many times, I use something I ALREADY have or find it in the library or in the public domain online if possible.

    OVERALL, I spend as little as possible so our money goes further. This year we bought everyone in our home laptops.  Prior to this the kiddos used older "rebuilt" desk top models.  Of course, we found the best prices possible.  

    I know this was very lengthy, but in giving you a good solid answer I want to encourage that hsing is affordable IF it's a priority, even on less money than you've dreamed! BTW~Our internet is high speed at our house, but we don't do television, but rather watch free internet movies and have a $10 Netfilx account.

    Be sure to head over to read the rest of the CREW's ideas about this timely topic and leave me a comment so I know you came by~thanks! ;-))

    FREE: C-SPAN Educational Resources and Presidential Timeline

    C-Span Classroom You do have to register so they can send this 6ft timeline.  Loads of online free resources too!

    FREE: Short Stories audio downloads

    Short Story-Time offers a kid's writing contest AND free audio books! VERY NICE!

    FREE: Museum Day 2010

    Thanks fellow CrewMates~YOU KNOW who you are! Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day 
    September 25th~GO find one in your area~whoohoo!

    GiveAway: $25 Staples Gift Card

    Freely Educate is hosting (ENDS 8-27)

    GiveAway: Coconut Oil 32 oz

    Audrey's GiveAways is hosting! (ENDS 9-10)

    FREE: Apologia Biology 2nd ED Educational HELPS

    Thank YOU!  Mindful Ramblings for sharing this with me!

    FREE: Online Spanish Program (Uppper Grades to Adults)

    My Spanish Dictionary Thank you,
    Homeschool Treasure Trove!!

    Saturday, August 21, 2010

    CONTEST: Planner AD~Vote For The Best!

    To spice things up a bit, Gena Suarez, TOS Publisher has asked everyone to vote for the best The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner~including the CREW~whoohoo! Wow! Well, I am honored to have made the first cut of 16 Here!   Please go check them ALL out as these folks have put loads of time and creativity into promoting the planner and writing a sell sheet.  THIS IS EXCITING! Yayyy! Here!

    CONGRATS to everyone chosen and 

    Friday, August 20, 2010

    Friday Farmgirls at Heart~Burning UP With Peppers!


    I beginning to think that I am not just a farm girl at heart, but ONE IN REALITY! Our garden has blessed us with a nice abundance of tomatoes and pickles.  Last week, Hub picked some pretty red but small peppers.  At supper, he sliced and ate a piece, and before we could stop our girl popped it into her... ~aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeee~she cried for an hour and even kept ice on it as well as milk.  That pepper was so nasty that I threw out the dishrag that wiped the table after it burned everyone up!

    After a "discussion" on the disposal of the remaining peppers in our garden, I thought I WAS DONE with them!

    Hub brought in a 5 gallon bucket of tomatoes and what was done in there? A green, lovely pepper...a bell pepper? Oh boy~ I chopped and fixed salsa, but as I was chopping, I put a piece in my mouth~owwwweee! HOT  OK, ENOUGH of that pepper~(I had already put in 1/4 of a jalapeno!)

    Then the burn kicked in!  My hands burned for over an hour; more like 3 hours!! To find a remedy, I googled it, and I consulted the best person I knew on pepper antidote, my mother.  Try milk (CHECK); try vinegar (CHECK); try bleach (CHECK)...These all lowered it for a short time but what really worked was TIME~it took time for the hot to subside.

    SOOO I guess a REAL farmgirl would know what to do...this cityslicker~farmgirl WANNABE certainly didn't know~but my salsa was pretty good and not HOT~imagine that?

    It truly does look like a bellpepper which is NO HEAT!
    Want some peppers?? OK, just kidding! THESE things would be good to stew down for a muscle cream IF you could stand the process of having it ON your body...LOL! (SOOO~not!)  These peppers are heading to the dump, OK? I don't even want them in my compost or DIRT for fear that they'd kill off ALL the living organisms! (NEED to research this premise...does pepper kill off organisms?)

    With this said, I FEEL like a real farmhand GIRL...pepper burn and all!  HOPE your week has been better than mine~btw, got over 20 qts of tomatoes in the deep freeze and about 10 more to do tomorrow!  Maybe next year, we JUST plant tomatoes, OK??? LOL! Head over for more farmgirl stories HERE!

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Homeschool Foundation for Those With Financial Need

    They are taking applications for widows and widowers who have financial needs through OCT~please check it out here HERE! Please help spread the word! THANK YOU!

    Passing Along a GREAT Article on TEENS~

    Marcia Summerville wrote Tapestry of Grace curriculum and her hub is with HSLDA~what wonderful encouragement for shepherding our teens HERE!

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Award: Beautiful Blogger~

    On Facebook tonight I'm tooling down the home page of my profile to see that my friend, Jen at Creative Learners was given the Beautiful Blogger Award..I head over to congratulate this good friend, and .as I was reading, so excited for her...I read on to find ME~Oh! I am sooo honored! She has awarded it to ME!  I met her back two years ago when we were on the TOS Crew Maiden Voyage, and you won't find a sweeter gal! She has load of kiddos, is a great homeschooling mom with a wonderful ministry to homeschoolers in her community and through her blog...I could go on and on...but please go check out her blog~you will love it!

    I am supposed to tell SEVEN things about ME...and pass this along to no more than 15 but somewhere around seven blogs I think are AWESOME!

    FACTOIDS about ME: (STUFF you prob DON'T WANT to know...LOL)
    1.  I love jewelery.  I "collect" mostly costume, but make it as well.  Can a girl have too much BLING? LOL
    2.  We will soon~in a few weeks, be celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniv...who says opposites CAN'T make it?? LOL
    3.  I grew up near the beach, but LOVE the mountains~dream of living in the Great Smokey Mountains one day! (I'll be sooo old that it will take an elevator to help me up the paths and hills, but's a DREAM!) LOL
    4.  I dislike my mama's dog...I really do. I tolerate her, but she's 4lbs of BIG dog is soo sweet, but this little one is M E A N! LOL
    5.  I like old movies, but dislike the tv and don't have one in the house...we watch the computer LOL
    6.  My fave food is...ICECREAM! Fave flavor:  (anything BUT can HAVE ALL MINE~ewww! LOL)
    7. Secretly I DREAM of world travel...I'd like to visit Rome, England, China, Japan, Scotland, Australia, and Ireland in no particular order.  IF I COULD pick ONE~Probably ROME for its historical significance seconded by England.  (ANYONE feeling generous and wanna send me??? LOL..OK, scratch that~I'd NEED/DESIRE/WANT round trip tickets...LOL)

    All American Family inspires me to game more with my kids by her sharing of her weekend Monopoly game!

    The Ladybug Chronicles shares her special world of homeschooling.  She does loads of hands on stuff with her children to inspire us!  She's a special friend I met on the Maiden Voyage as well...these bonds are something else!! Like I said, they are very special!

    Homeschooling Hearts and Minds is a dear friend that I met in a class two years ago and on Maiden Voyage as well...she is such a good mom with four littles who are just so cute~you will enjoy her blog~her humor is dry and shines right through!

    Army of 5 is another dear friend from that first Crew.  She's a mom and has loads of animals that they love! I think she's awesome and loved reading about her blogging updates...her humor is funny too!

    Train Up A Child  is another dear old friend, but let me say that I have laughed and laughed over her post for that ad contest! OH my! Well, I think her kiddos have a sense of humor too and IF I'm lucky, I might get a piece of ONE of her daughter's lovely cakes she bakes~the girl has talent! Whoohoo!  

    Sunflower Schoolhouse has a really cool blog with loads of neat info and a FREE section~I love it!

    Homeschooling, Autism and Stuff  has an informative blog where she shares her family and gives info on various special needs, particularly Autism.  She's another neat  lady I met on that first trip! ;-))

    THANK YOU and Congrats to those I'm sharing this award with~whoohoo!

    Coupon for Teacher Appreciation at Dollar General

    I was just there and wish I'd had this, so in the spirit of sharing HERE it is! HOPE you enjoy 20% off selected items (LISTED ON SITE! (ENDS 9/5)

    CONTEST: Davey Crocket's Birthday $20 Amazon Card

    TODAY ONLY~til 11:00pm EST...go HERE! and leave a comment with two facts about Davy Crocket!!
    HE'S 224 today!

    Announcing: The Old Schoolhouse EXPO (10/4-8) EVENT

    It's back to homeschool time and registration is open for the online Schoolhouse Expo, October 4-8. It's five days of top homeschool speakers, fellowship, and fun door prizes. More details HERE!!

    Save $5 per ticket! Register between August 16 and midnight August 22, and you'll pay only $19.99. Plus you'll receive over $200 in free E-Books.  Check out those FREEbies HERE!! There's some AWESOME stuff I'm excited about!!;-))

    You'll be inspired by speakers including: Zan Tyler, Dr. Jay Wile, Jeannie Fulbright,Carol Barnier, Diana Waring, Todd Wilson, Davis Carman, Kim Kautzer, Lee Binz, and many more! 17 speakers in ALL~whoohoo! Amazing body of knowledge without leaving the house! 

    Reserve your space TODAY!!

    Got TEENAGERS?  A special teen track is planned--the entire family will definitely want to listen to these special sessions. We've also planned a special focus on a topic that touches every homeschool--writing. Plus, an array of other topics that will inform and inspire you throughout your homeschooling years.  Sign Up HERE!

    Don't forget, MP3 copies of each session comes with your LIVE event ticket.

    Two special preconference shows on August 24 and September 21 with Dr. 
    Jay Wile, Jeannie Fulbright, and Kim Kautzer!

    Register starting 12:01 a.m. on Monday, August 16.

    The theme this fall is "Celebrate Homeschooling!" We're going to celebrate the unique blessings of homeschooling, the beginning of another school year, our families, and the freedom to tailor our children's education to best meet their needs.

    If you cannot make the Live event,  then the October Expo To Go is just your ticket! You'll reserve MP3s from all of the workshops. This week only, pay just $14.95!

    I am an independent contractor for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (TOS CREW) and affiliate and was given compensation to mention the EXPO.  

    Monday, August 16, 2010

    FREE: Math Worksheet Generators for Many Topics

    FREE: Molly Green Fresh Recipe Book

    Blog Hop~NOT Back to School Student Photo Week (Heart of the Matter)

    Glad you stopped by! We won't be gearing up OFFICIALLY until after Labor Day,  and the kiddos are with grandparents this week! I'll introduce them to you and show you a few pics!  It's our prayer that you have the best year ever!
    Click HERE to see everyone else's great pics!
    I am the sweetest most loving dog, EVER!

    I do smile, SOMETIMES...LOL!
    Cat in the basket ... ... LOL!

    Cowgirl who taught Missions in VBS this year!
    THIS is the mean dog! LOL..4.5lbs of M E A N! LOL

    MOM~WE ARE NOT happy with your photography skills!

    FREE: Discovery Education site (loads of resources)

    Sweeps: Fun GAME and a Chance to Win Big Money!

    Fun Color Matching GAME for chances to win!

    FREE: JournEzine (Christian Online Mag)


    GiveAway: Novel: Bringing Them Home

    The Legacy of Home is hosting! (ENDS 8/26)

    GiveAway: You Can PICK What You'd LIKE!

    Audreys  is hosting (ENDS 9/3)

    FREE: Webinar Class: 10 Stumbling Blocks to Writing

    Sign up for the Aug 31st 2PM EST Class!

    Blog Talk Radio: Felitz Gerwitz Show TODAY 3:30 PM

    Listen to internet radio with Felicegerwitz on Blog Talk RadioFelitz is a homeschool mom, author and publisher from Media Angels, Inc. ...she's interviewing a first time author Jody Hedlund, The Preacher's Bride who has found herself in a contract with Bethany House! Thought you might want to know if you have aspiring dreams... ... ....

    Sunday, August 15, 2010

    Blog Cruise: Considering or Beginning Homeschooling~I Say, WHAT?

    Question:  What advice do you have for those considering homeschooling or just starting out?

    The question of homeschooling is a large one when we are just getting started in our journey.  There can be so many reasons to homeschool.  Reasons include:
    • A desire to train up our children at home with our family's personal values.
    • A desire to avoid the negative impact of the public school system.
    • To be available to individually help a struggling learner.
    • To raise up God-like Christian children for Christ.

    • To help take care of special physical, emotional or psychological needs our children may have that make public school days more difficult.
    • To further avoid a disagreement over many things concerning our child with the teacher, principal or board of education.
    • Or any other reason or combination of reasons!
    You may find you have one  or more of these as your reasons or none of them.  The longer I homeschool the more convinced I am that I hold quite a few reasons and they seem to have expanded through the years.  While our reasons matters to us, in the process of homeschooling, it really won't matter why we are doing it.    Most important is the how.

    Just HOW are we going to GET this job done?

    I began thinking of our past nine years, and how fast they have flown by.  FLOWN like a jet engine going at warp speed like something from Star Trek to where today,  I have literally young adults: one with a job~granted, it's her first summer job, and a young man that everyday looks more and more grown up!

    It does go by too quickly, but I suggest that aside from all the tech/organizational things you will want to do~and do them, you must, but

    FIRST, after you've decided to go ahead and homeschool,  get on your knees and pray.  Ask God for the wisdom, love and patience to make learning fun and to seal your family unit tight and strong in Christ.  

    When we give our children back to God for His purposes, we have made a convenant with Him to do what He will do in their lives.  This is the most, MOST important first step for a parent with children.

    THEN I'd consider things like how old they are and what they need to know.

    Get organized using a good planner (The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has a very good one! HERE) and great tools like curriculum.

    Contact your local homeschool group~you may have to hunt for them as many groups fly under the radar, but in almost every area, they do exist.  Get up with those people and ask some questions.  What are they doing? Is it something you can participate in with your child? Do you already know a homeschool family? What a great resource you have in them! Make yourself a list and ask them the questions too!

    Find out your homeschooling laws~You can do this by checking out the Homeschool Legal Defense site and click on their map for your area. You may be able to find that co-op listing by looking for national, state and LOCAL supports as well.

    Once you're done your homework, then decide on curriculum and how much or how little you can spend for it. Shop around as there are some great resources for low cost curriculum.  Check out my buttons for the FREE stuff AND also the age graded materials. You'd be surprised how much is FREE online today for homeschooling!

    When mine were littles, I started in boxed curriculum.  Don't think I'm putting it down either because today, we don't use this kind, but remember that NOT ONLY are the kiddos learning by books we learn by  doing too! Oh my! If I could tell you ALL that has been stuffed into this poor pea-sized brain of mine because of the information I've taught them that I HAD TO KNOW FIRST!! LOL...

    Since you have decided to jump onto the band-wagon, I want to offer some TIPS to really make your homeschooling special...This isn't the nuts and bolts kinds of advice designed to take you into planning and use of curriculum with your child, but rather some sweet and loving ideas that have made homeschooling a wonderful place to raise a child~

    • Have fun. (Don't model after the school.  This is HOMEschooling!)
    • School in pjs and don't let anyone stop you! (WHY not sometimes? Not all the time...or maybe...LOL)
    • Snuggle up with good books and read ALL the time aloud to each other!  Getting close and staying this way for littles...soo sweet! They will want to be more "grown up" in time, but do it while you can~this fosters love and closeness!  Do you have afghans or blankies~pull them out for this sweet time!
    • Put NO energy into a schoolroom, but focus the home. (BEEN there, done that!) If you have a room to organize and focus schooling supplies, great! But otherwise I'd make the home the castle of the family!
    • RUN from a school room model, schooling on the couch, recliner, floor, kitchen table, outside, at the park, zoo or anywhere else besides a stuffy "classroom" no matter how brightly colored or decorated!
    • Weekly trips to the library.  READ and read some more!
    • Weekly trips to a homeschool co-op. Foster friendships with people who think like you do: LOVE God and their families!
    • At least once a month head somewhere INTERESTING for a field trip.  LOOK in your own area for low cost or free stuff to do, but always find somewhere to go to learn about another place! Live the Adventure  has a  nice BIG list to get you started with ideas!!
    • Train up children to know God and to have faith and family values. Don't leave the religious education to the church~it's a couple of hours a week! TEACH THEM to know God, loving and serving Him!
    • Teach as well as able, making your school time a priority and continue to grow as a teacher but know that we, parents are learning RIGHT along with the kids!
    • Take lots of pictures because the time will fly by, and they're great for remembering...
    • Above ALL bathe your home and children in prayer constantly~walking in God's love and light! With His presence and guidance, homeschooling will be the BEST it can ever be in our lives!
    Remember the why is not as important as the HOW and once you're make the decision to homeschool, it's PRAYER first then these other things that will establish a wonderful education for your family!

    GiveAway: Download N Go~Roller Coasters Unit Study download

    Patriots of teh Republic Academy is hosting (ENDS 8/21)

    GiveAway: Download N Go~Summer Sensations Unit Study download

    Footprints in the Butter is hosting (ENDS 8/16 before mn)

    GiveAway: Book: Amish Proverbs (Book and chance for KIndle/book giveaway too)

    Amish Proverbs: Words of Wisdom from the Simple Life: Simplify your life with Amish wisdom
    book is being given away by Footprints in the Butter and she has a link to a giveAway of a Kindle loaded with the book (Author's GiveAway!) (ENDS 9/1)

    Saturday, August 14, 2010

    TOS AD Contest~MY Entry~whoohoo!

    I'm joining in the fun!
    Gena Suarez, Publisher of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is holding a contest for TOS Crew to create a sell sheet to promote The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner offering a $100 PRIZE! (This is not an unbiased REVIEW.) I am a member of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew review team working as an independent contractor. I received a download of this planner in exchange for my entry. 

     The BIG
      every homeschool 
         parent faces is

    How can I get the job done 
       of educating my child?

         Good question! We know you're concerned about making your home and homeschool the BEST it can be!  We're right along side you working to answer this and more!

    The key to hold it all together is

    O R G A N I Z A T I O N !

    Becoming organized,
    Inside you will find
    • Daily planning pages with customizable dates across the top and subjects down the left side.
    • Calendars for 2010, 2011 and 2012.
    • High school transcript, chores and picture chore chart for non-readers and money management forms.
    • An additional week at a glance form—choose the form best suited for your needs.
    • A marking period planner using six, 6-week periods with space for all subjects.
    • A quarter planner based on four, 9-week quarters—a great fit for your homeschool.
    • Homeschool requirements form lets you track laws or better prepare for a move.
    • Forms to track unfinished units as well as a unit study brainstorming template!
    • Testing forms now cover recording standardized testing and yearly assessments.
    • Bible reading takes on new meaning with the new Bible reading highlights form.
    • Bible reading schedules—this time enjoy the option of a chronological form or go in the order generally published!
    • Even pages to record instrument practice and extracurricular activities are here.
    • Over 120 forms!   CHECK IT OUT!

    With hundreds of combined options that you will tailor to meet your own needs the possibilities are literally endless!  Print all or none!  We designed a feature to be great~ fully interactive fields where you type in your own information and save in your files or print.

    Don't wait! Has your year begun? 
    Make it the best with organization~ 
    The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner!

    Each month there are  informational pages, resources and encouragement.  
    Topics such as 
    • Top Five Tips for Managing Your Homeschool While Managing Your Home 
    • The Benefits of Joining a Homeschool Co-op
    • The Value of Reading the Classics
    • Beating Burnout: Don't Just Survive, THRIVE! 
    • and more! 
     For just 39.00 you can have it all IMMEDIATELY in a quick download.
    Go ahead and save it to your hard drive.  You can get right back to it and make it your very own with just a few clicks of the mouse.  

    Why wait when organization to help
    is just a download away?
    As homeschool parents, we know what concerns and issues you have in getting this very important job done.  We've been there, and because the education of our precious children is so important, we brought together some notable names in homeschooling with encouragement and information such as 
    • Beating Burnout: Don’t Just Survive, THRIVE! by Heidi St. John
    • Feed Your Children, Dads! by Clay Clarkson
    • Grades & Homeschooling by Meredith Curtis
    • What Kind of Homeschooler Are You?—A collection of articles about different homeschooling styles. Authors include Amanda Bennett, Karen Andreola, and Nancy K. Baetz.
    • And many others by Ed and Amy Pak, Jeannie Fulbright, Maggie Hogan, Christopher Wright, and more!
    O R G A N I Z A T I O N
    is just a click away! 

    Remember The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is 100% guaranteed or your money back within 7 days!
    Have a great year with your new organization from 
    The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.