Thursday, August 5, 2010

Friday Farmgirls at Heart~MO MATERS/Pickles!


I posted about food preservation  and how I'm doing it~we have a chest freezer and also do some water bath canning of some stuff such as pickles and today, SOUR KRAUT!  Our garden has picked up giving us produce.  We are eating it as fast as we dare try AND preserving for winter's enjoyment!  HOW farm girl is this? I live in a tiny town of 1600 people with tree lined main street and families who walk their dogs and kids everyday! It's a little bit like Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show.  I'm just a mile off of I-75 sooo it's so easy to get to bigger places, but we like the small town life.  See, I'm really not on a farm but in a small berg.

This farm girl in the berg~ha! is planning some projects when it gets a little cooler.  I have a baby quilt, tee-shirt dresses for little girls, swim shorts (REPLACEMENT for ME), crochet work and some more curtains to do for the back hallway door which has a window I am going to get going!  It's too hot to do the blankets and such right now and too pretty to stay inside all the time. There'll be time for that when it's frigid outside!!

Click on that button to read what the other Farm Girls at Heart are up to this week~I gotta go peel and chop tomatoes! Thanks for stopping by and you can join us too! HUGS!


Shani said...

Yep, yep, very Farm Girly! I hope you have a productive day canning and preserving; we're moving house right now, or else I would definitely be joining you. :)


Illinois Lori said...

How wonderful that your garden is giving you food to enjoy this winter! I'm wioth you, can't think of making blankets right now, LOL!


Sharity said...

I need to hit some farmer's markets and get some food put up in our freezer. I've not ever really done it before but your post is inspiring. I think I read your post last week too. I never knew putting up food in the freezer could be so easy!

Thanks for sharing!