Thursday, August 12, 2010

Poll: Should the GOV PAY For ALL College Tuition???

Saaaaaaaaaaaay WHAT? OhMYgoodness! YOU have GOT to be KIDDINGME! Where do all these hair brained IDEAS come from?

Since WHEN did the government OWE ME or my child? AND to WHAT extent will I OWE IT if it does?

Head on over to voice your opinion
SOMEBODY PLEEEZE study that Constitution AND Bill of Rights before we end up in communism!


Blossom said...

Oh my goodness. Did you see how many have said YES?? Do they not realize that WE pay the government...or worse, other countries do...
Yikes. This should stir up some conversation!

midwest mama said...

I see that the "yays" are winning.

This is because college has become the new 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th grades, sigh.

Someone I know actually complained to me awhile back because she had to buy her son school supplies for public school. Her thoughts were along the lines of: they should pay administrators less so they can provide free school supplies to everybody.

Really? And who's the "they"? Taxpayers, that's who. There's no free ride in this life. It floored me that someone thinks that somebody else should totally pay for her child's education. Where is the personal responsibility, that's what I want to know.

Marie said...

Yeah that's what I want to know...what's it gonna cost us in the long run??? Do they have money floating around that we don't know about?
Just catching up on my blog walking...very interesting conversation...