Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo Enhancement Contest/Lesson

Brent Riggs of McKlinkyblog is hosting and will email some info on enhancing photos to those who participate!

Brent says, "I will private online demonstration of what I do to get my outdoor photography to come alive, and send a link to every person who participated by following these instructions and entered the Thumbnail Linky list.:

This looks like BIG FUN~so here's my entry~

The Original.
 I uploaded to picnik.com and then used the saturation of color with some alignment.  I then went to effects and used boost, onton, and mat.
Sooo whaddaya think?  
Leave me a comment!
Purple mountains, majesty...America!


Beth H said...

I love your edit! I did not even think of doing something more abstract like this! I'm too analytical I guess! Way to think outside the box!!!! =)

SisterTipster said...

Thanks, Beth! Your photo is neat too! I like doing these~Glad you stopped by ;-))

Mommy2Four said...

Very neat..... way to think outside the box!

Sweet Joni said...

I like the dark circle around the photo... I usually use white but never tried black :)