Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Farmgirls at Heart~Burning UP With Peppers!


I beginning to think that I am not just a farm girl at heart, but ONE IN REALITY! Our garden has blessed us with a nice abundance of tomatoes and pickles.  Last week, Hub picked some pretty red but small peppers.  At supper, he sliced and ate a piece, and before we could stop our girl popped it into her... ~aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeee~she cried for an hour and even kept ice on it as well as milk.  That pepper was so nasty that I threw out the dishrag that wiped the table after it burned everyone up!

After a "discussion" on the disposal of the remaining peppers in our garden, I thought I WAS DONE with them!

Hub brought in a 5 gallon bucket of tomatoes and what was done in there? A green, lovely pepper...a bell pepper? Oh boy~ I chopped and fixed salsa, but as I was chopping, I put a piece in my mouth~owwwweee! HOT  OK, ENOUGH of that pepper~(I had already put in 1/4 of a jalapeno!)

Then the burn kicked in!  My hands burned for over an hour; more like 3 hours!! To find a remedy, I googled it, and I consulted the best person I knew on pepper antidote, my mother.  Try milk (CHECK); try vinegar (CHECK); try bleach (CHECK)...These all lowered it for a short time but what really worked was TIME~it took time for the hot to subside.

SOOO I guess a REAL farmgirl would know what to do...this cityslicker~farmgirl WANNABE certainly didn't know~but my salsa was pretty good and not HOT~imagine that?

It truly does look like a bellpepper which is NO HEAT!
Want some peppers?? OK, just kidding! THESE things would be good to stew down for a muscle cream IF you could stand the process of having it ON your body...LOL! (SOOO~not!)  These peppers are heading to the dump, OK? I don't even want them in my compost or DIRT for fear that they'd kill off ALL the living organisms! (NEED to research this premise...does pepper kill off organisms?)

With this said, I FEEL like a real farmhand GIRL...pepper burn and all!  HOPE your week has been better than mine~btw, got over 20 qts of tomatoes in the deep freeze and about 10 more to do tomorrow!  Maybe next year, we JUST plant tomatoes, OK??? LOL! Head over for more farmgirl stories HERE!


Sharity said...

so sorry! wow, I LOVE hotness when it comes to salsa and such, but that may even be too hot for me!


Illinois Lori said...

Hey, your newest "mug" looks like you got a major haircut! Cute! (If it's a style you've been wearing, well, it's new to me!)

Too funny about your peppers...I know you're supposed to wear gloves when you are chopping up those hot ones. Lesson taken away: know what we're planting when we plant it, LOL! Hope your blisters are healing well, my dear! Thanks for joining us this week :-)


Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

Sorry to hear about the pepper burns. :( My hubby likes hot peppers in things, so I've learned to wear gloves while chopping those.

I'm so jealous of all of your yummy produce. None of our plants were able to withstand the heat of our hot summer. Maybe we'll try in the fall?

Enjoy the bounty of your labor!!