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Dear Reader,
2010 marks our tenth year of homeschooling our two precious children.  As a wife and mother, I've worked to teach and train them while learning myself along the way. I remember when we first started, homeschooling can be a daunting task, that it can be frightening to come home from the job place and settle into new routines much less take on the role of educator for the children.  It was this place that much later after I had gotten my feet a "little wet" that I felt a calling to offer my insights into homeschooling by offering encouragement and information.  It was in blogging that my pen name, SisterTipster came about.  

I have lived in three states, worked as a nurse, becoming a stay at home mom now for about fifteen years.  The inspiration to homeschool began as a talk with  our former pastor's wife who was then homeschooling her two grandchildren.  She talked with me about how God had given our children to us~to me, and what my responsibility is to them.  I have been so blessed to be able to be here with my children, to enjoy them and their take on life through their eyes and experiences. I hope and pray that you find Telln' It! a blessing to you. Please join me in following and commenting.  

God bless you!

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