Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teacher Tipster: HISTORY Class

I'm a believer in making stuff REAL.  We love field trips and getting out and doing~but finding the money and resources can be a challenge sometimes.  When teaching subjects, if we can go and do we seem to really enjoy the experiences of that event or topic we are diving into~There are many ways to make history come alive for your student.  Teaching using all the modalities such as visual~do you have pictures or film? Audio can be a dramatization of a historical event. I have the pilgrim's of Plymouth on tape and my kids enjoyed listening to it several years ago. We like books on tape too.  Recently I taped my daughter's text reading so she could listen to mp3 while in Drama Club so she wouldn't fall behind.  Tactile could be field trips and hands on activities such as building a model. We built a mini to scale Noah's Ark about 6 years ago~woot! You can use living books and several history curriculi have book lists of suggested readings.

Here's a youtube video on the Civil War Veterans.  Short but nice to see the actual men who served.

How do you teach history? Thanks for coming by~let me know you were here with a comment please ;-))

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Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I love making history come alive through field trips, hands-on projects, and living history films, audios, pictures, and books. I didn't really care about history in school, but now, I actually enjoy history. :)