Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal Wk11~CRUNCH WEEK Big Time!

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In My Life and In Our Homeschool This Week:
Would YOU believe we had snow flurries AGAIN this week?  Just flurries, but flurries none the less! And it's cooold out there right now~although not so that we don't have a few windows up~so maybe it isn't too bad! LOL...It could be that ole saying of the glass either 1/2 full...OR 1/2 empty...LOL...

Soo we are in a very very very busy week! Girl Thing One~Miss DRAMA QUEEN...LOL is in Charlotte's Web with a six performance run with CenterStage Productions which is a homeschool drama club that consists of all homeschoolers!  Her brother doesn't ACT~but is a crew member by doing supportive work like building sets and working on other crews such as working to get the kids hair done for their characters.  NEXT weekend is PERFORMANCE and it's EVERYDAY getting things pulled together!  The drama club calls this POLISHING WEEK meaning they are perfecting their performance all week this week and next week will be dress rehersals and then~D day!  LOL  I am exhausted. I don't know HOW they do it. Of course, we are on spring break which is good b/c the time commitment is HUGE~but next week is going to be nearly impossible for them by being at the theater all day everyday and evening~pray for us! Thanks!

I'm doing fine on my eating plan and I have lost a 1/2 inch these last couple of weeks in my hips. MAKES ME KNOW that the jeans I just ordered that are a little loose right now will be bagging really bad so that second pair that hasn't arrived I need to cancel.  NO need to have huge clothes~I can reorder the smaller size~WOOT!!  Eating and activity is good.

I am struggling with a new season coming in my life, though.  I am going to be selling much of our homeschooling curriculum.  With virtual academy, all these resources are unneeded. I am purging and will post that list up when I get it pulled together. Literally there is at least five years or so of STUFF~
Places We're Going and Ppl We're Seeing:
Check out this HS group!
Daughter is a gosling and baby spider~awwww...LOL!

My Favorite Thing This Week was...
God blessing me with the restoration of a relationship~AMEN and AMEN!

What's Working/Not Working For Us...
The virtual academy and drama group TIME conflicts~

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have...

IS purging the hsing stuff wise? I believe it is~It's a new season! But also WHAT THE HECK am I gonna do NXT?? LOL...

Here's a pic~Okay~A! (BUT HOW COULD I RESIST?? LOL)

I want to begin a NEW theme here on Telln' It! How about:  On A Tank~meaning what I see in on a car trip~Soo here's some pics from this week in Bellefontaine, OH when GirlThingOne was a Drama Club for practice~
Logan County Courthouse~neat ole blding..could be on a hill...LOL
Performer's entrance~Holland Theater...yes, that's milk..don't ask! LOL
EVER HIT a brick wall?? LOL
Adult parole office~might NEED this one...LOL
Across from Courthouse and on the first paved st in US!  SEE the street?? LOL
Cornerstone of Veterans Blding below~
Currently the Veteran's Bldg~Go troops!
Lower detail of Logan County Courthouse~
Detail of Logan County Courthouse~where are the gargoils? LOL
This CRACKS me up! Imagine...the treatments...LOL!
Can you tell I LOVE old buildings and 'other' oddities?? LOL...okay, so THANKS for cking in on us this week~HOW are you?  READ MO             !

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Becca said...

Which web academy do you use? We have used Connections Academy in the past and will be re-enrolling my 15YO in it for the Fall.