Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday~WK 14: FAT HEAD

I have figured out with God's help just WHAT my problem is~I have a FAT HEAD! Not kidding! So much of my eating problem is related to my mind~what I think and how I think and then ultimately it has affected WHAT I DO~

As big as my body is~my head is FATTER!  But I'm seeing RESULTS~just in the few short weeks since measuring I've lost in my hips~yes, it's slow...but it's SURE!  I bought new jeans that are WAY WAY too baggy now so that second pair on their way will be sent back for a SMALLER size!  I'm still bustn' a move as much as I can~oh it's no exercise guru mover stuff~but in time...My body is bagging and sagging~well, it's gotta loosen up to lighten up, right??

Sooo ~TODAY (and sorry this is up too late!) I'm celebrating 25 weeks of no white flour or sugars. In fact, I've favored a low carb diet in general and boosted the protein~which I had never done before and my appetite is more satisfied and my energy more sustained.  I am eating 3 solid meals a day~yes, breakfast and I have begun the believe that BREAKFAST IS KEY!  But most importantly I have avoided compulsive overeating by working a 12 step program and also avoiding the temptations as much as possible. I have learned I can DO the nxt right thing in all of this and that God is concerned with the fuel I ingest~He wants glory in my sacrifices~and this is a sacrifice, believe me~So to eat in a God honoring way is huge for me~maybe simple for you...huge, for me!

Thanks for coming by to ck on my progress~it won't be perfection! I am not perfect, but God is! Thanks again!
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Jenni said...

I really appreciate your honesty, and candor in your struggle to lose weight and be healthy. I too struggle, and I love the way you put it- I've got a "fat head"! It's so true. I'd like to send you a private message and ask you a few questions, if that's okay.
Thanks for sharing your heart!

Briana said...

Congratulations! Losing in the hips is the hardest thing for me. Good job sticking with it and not being afraid to apply some brain power to the problem instead of giving up!

Thanks for your encouragement!

Enjoy those fermented foods. I recently made a batch of carrot with diakon radish and it is sourly delicious. I've been topping my little salads with them. I really like fermented beets too!