Saturday, June 18, 2011

HEALTH~I Must Be on a Kick!

Okay, I keep writing about food~WHAT I'm eating or trying to eat, so I must be either on a kick or obsessed! But either way, I have to figure out HOW to eat in a sound, HEALTHY, God honoring way. . . I ck'd out several more sources..not so sure about Which lays out a food plan of three meals and a potential snack~for those needing one...all planned and purposed. The first two called Complementary Meals are essentially 3-4 oz protein and two cups of low carb veggies.  Then there is a Reward Meal consisting of balanced non diet food that is whole, lean, non sugared, but in the quantities and character of the chooser. I dunno! SEEMS rationale, but in fact, is scarey...and the website seems old and out of date to me..WHAT do you think?

Then I found
which seems to be a little less extreme, but advocates eating carbs and doesn't talk about limiting them EXCEPT in the instances of over processed and refined (faster metabolizing ones that give fast high spikes to blood sugar.) Oh brother! WHERE IS good sound info when you need it?  WHAT is your thoughts?

I have NOT had a dietician consult for this condition. The most I got was leave the sugar alone with this diagnosis. Everything I can find mostly to read couples insulin resistance with Diabetes and treats it pretty much the same way...Okay, so I can live with that.  But, the concern I have is being SURE I'm lowering my carbs to an acceptable level that will heal my body. I have inflammation going on~literally have pain in my tendons and muscles AND I have neuropathy~all sugar related. BURNING FEET is no fun! And yes, they're improved, but it does seem that at times I still have it in a milder less intense form..I'd like to get rid of it altogether! WHOOT!

Okay, I'm heading on to do more reading. 

I'm LOOKING FOR my miracle today and doing my part. The Lord will do His I am sure!

BTW~today is week 35 NO WHITE and NO SUGAR (processed or goodies!) YAY ME!


Friday, June 17, 2011

HEALTH~NOT Reinventing the Wheel!

I'm sorta stuck.  Not totally, but sorta, b/c I have insulin resistance and so I need low carb in my life...but it goes against all the whole grain LOW FAT info of the past 25 years that I know.  I did learn about three years ago that all carbohydrates turn into or PROCESS as sugar in the body~hence why whole grains are better than more milled varieties b/c they process slower~MORE FIBER equals slower...okay, I get this...but, what and how can I eat?  I am morbidly obese. YUP~afraid so.  And SisterT is redoing her life, so how and wha?  I NEED INFO...

So since I don't have to go to a chemist nutritionist to figure this out (HOPEFULLY!!) I've done some web surfing and I want to lay it all out here for YOU AND ME...interested?? Okay, if you are, here we go~

I have learned first that insulin resistance in when my cells don't accept the insulin my pancreas produces nor the sugar that it will or is supposed to carry to those a result, sugar circulates at higher than normal levels in the blood causing high blood sugars...OKAY~something like a first form of diabetes.  Yeh, THAT word...NOT THRILLED, but TRUTH...and truth is knowledge.  So I'm living with this. Now, b/c the sugar isn't effectively sent into those cells that IF IT HAD, would give me BOUNDING WONDERFUL energy, IT INSTEAD goes to FAT. FAT. YES, I said, FAT...uh...NO WONDER! And so I'm fat. FATTER than EVER IN MY LIFE...well, okay...119lbs down from my highest EVER wt...but FATter than EVER! Soo what to do now?

I have to eat, right? TRUE.

I have to live, right? TRUE.

In researching this, I'm coming to the conclusion that a LOW-CARB diet is going to be best for me.  LOW meaning none of that really high intense carb stuff that has given me the CARB COMA for quite a few years now, and IF I had known then..oh how diff my life might have been!

So here's The Low-Carb Food Pyramid I found. Actually they have quite a few resources that TO ME seem better than the American Diabetes Assoc.  GO FIGURE!  HOW reliable is it? Well, it's adding up with other sources, and I plan to ck it all out~or as much as I can find.

I like the Low-Carb Food Pyramid. I have always believed that fruit and veggies FRUIT CARB (approx) COUNT ARE ESSENTIAL and PTL I've always eaten quite a bit of it~okay, too much! B/C I can overeat on celery..but I will tell you that God has blessed me with relatively good health for a person LIKE ME of 'size.'  I attribute this to #1 the LORD, and #2 the way I eat..loads of FRESH unprocessed whole foods/virtually NO MIXES or pre-prepared (BOX FOOD) stuff for me.  I can explain more of this later, but for now, just know that I do eat mayo and mustard, bought spices, some bought pickles, but overall~my food is made by us out of whole foods, and some of it we grow ourselves...and can or freeze.  MORE on that another time.

Okay~soo at this MIDDLE AGE time for me~WHAT ARE YOU doing for your health? HOW's your carb situation: TOO MUCH or ...???

Thursday, June 16, 2011

HEALTH~My Progress AS OF LATE...

It's been a little bit since I last blogged in about my health pursuit progress. LOADS has gone on~but none of it bad, just busy.  I've continued to exercise even added walking our block and continuing to do more and more in our home as well as running the streets shopping and having a GREAT TIME! My food continues to be white FREE~no sugar (try very very very hard to abstain from it in ingredients as well) and flours (same as sugar!)  I still eat a bit too much, but it's coming down slowly.  My stomach organ must  be shrinking b/c hunger is improving as well.  The biggest news is that recently I saw a new cardiologist to ck my arythmia and had a battery of test. PTL I am FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the doc said, KEEP DOING WHAT you are doing! Talk about encouragement! AMAZING!! Overall, as of about 3 weeks ago my wt is down 61lbs since April 2010! For this too, I praise the Lord! But folks, I have so far to go yet~will you continue to pray for me? 

Gotta LOVE Maxine!
I am continuing my 12Step program for overeaters and food addictions. I fully realize that some would be uncomfortable with such a relationship, but I believe that God is using the program to draw me EVER closer to Him and helping me to give Him, my food~DAILY! While OA does allow for the nonbeliever, it is a spiritual program and points so strongly to the Lord giving the nonbeliever a place to begin putting into place the workings of faith that a relationship is built on the Lord~in fact, most christians I know with weight issues, me being one~generally never considered GIVING GOD CONTROL over our food...until now, it's precisely WHAT I'm doing! He's in control of it all. AND then, that Serenity Prayer~do you know it? Have you read it IN ITS ENTIRETY? Oh do yourself a favor and read fave part, 'accepting as He did this sinful world' and 'accepting hardships as the PATHWAY to PEACE.' Those are so powerful and really make that first stanza much fuller than just it alone! 

GOD IS to be praised! For once, in my life, I can believe that a 'normal' weight is possible FOR ME...I have HOPE! HOPE that the Lord can restore me to sanity as His Word promises. ALL the OA involvement in my life is Christian based and many of the ppl I am in association with are believers.  This is a comfort as well.  Does OA endorse christianity? NO.  It will embrace whatever, but when reading the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Blue Book (AABB) there are such beautiful christian principles.  AMAZING! 
THANKS for your prayers!

Just this week I purchased a RED beautiful Huffy bike for me~chrome fenders too!

Thanks for stopping by~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day Activities (printable coupons and 'letter to Dad' Pretty COOL!

Head to KBTeachers for some cool FREE Father's Day printables~
In fact, they have loads of cools free stuff and you can upgrade for more if you'd like~
Soo cool!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Family Films~Field of Vision

I've been given the opportunity to preview Field of Vision, the Proctor & Gamble and Wal-Mart Family Movie night production which is airing tonight~and I want to say that while I am late doing this review, this is BY FAR my favorite film they've offered...they get better and better! This film has had me in tears! There's a touching twist for adoptive moms/foster moms, and offers a neat sense of right and wrong.  LOVE IT! WHEN you see the Family Films offered PLEASE tune in as they are very good~in fact, your teenagers will love them as well as your older elementary children. Totally clean and with sound moral values!
What's NOT to love?
Got some popcorn? Pop?  Snuggle on up and tune it...
It's still on, and on NBC~it's not totally too late!
SisterT ;-))

Film's website ;-))
"Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FREE: Science and Nature Site fom BBC

I won't totally endorse this site b/c of the evolution on it,  but I think a good bit more is good stuff to out weigh the bad...
BBC Science and Nature
Has space, human body, animals..all kinds of stuff from games to programs.  I was thinking this could be good next year to help study for a biology exam...?? LOL...or an older child who likes or could be interested in Science~

Monday, June 6, 2011

FREE: US Census Map

Here's a cool site~a US Census map to show population trends and demographics per counties of the United!

Just move the cursor and SEE how each area you live in is made up of ppl~

US Census Map

Loven' FREE,


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just Happy~Disney Music!

I wouldn't characterize myself as a Disney theme park thrill seeker, but I've certainly appreciated Walt Disney and all his many talents ~well, I've been to Disney in FL a few times~last time as a single when I was about twenty or so...HAD A BLAST! Sooo I know it's changed a bunch, but what great memories...I imagine some of my fave things are probably not there any longer~or are different...but hey, that's okay~should I ever get to go again, it will all be NEW!

But I have a friend, Heidi who loves Disney and goes a good bit~Well, she shard this Disney music link...oh how fun~and it's free...You KNOW SisterT loves FREE and then add up some sweet memories and a good listen...PRICELESS!

Thanks Heidi~

Here's the LINK! Go ck it out...and ENJOY!
Here's a FREE Disney ClipArt site~whoot!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Homeschooling: END OF THE YEAR~WRAP UP~

Our daughter's sense of humor
and a pic from a biology lab!
Many of you know we began online virtual academy this semester as part of our drive to secure diplomas for my high schoolers and begin our college experiences.  Wow~looking back what a ride it's been! AND WOWSY WOW WOW! How exciting it has been to see my children exhibit such incredible strengths.  Oh, the challenges have been many, but in all the process I've seen some TREMENDOUS GROWTH and SKILLS exhibited with them BOTH!

Without going into too much detail, I was really nervous about their abilities having homeschooled them BOTH since K and 1st grade...and well, the proof showed itself in a neat way this semester. Our daughter looks like she is going to be all As if not for a VERY HIGH B if this last test doesn't measure up to her expectations! Our son pulled his OWN 'fat out of the fire' by AT THE LAST HOUR, I'm afraid~earning 1A, 4Bs and 1C...imagine that!?  I have two very different learners, and so their 'styles' have really been so evident~daughter is a hard worker who is skilled but not confident~tenacious worker...doesn't GIVE UP or IN...keeps on going despite odds...Son, quite different: Only willing to do just so much...Wants goals and steps and to do JUST THAT...  Anyway, these kids are opposites in so many ways but also great kids...Once it looked like some Cs~more than he'd like, my son kicked it into high gear~or higher gear-I should say.  Now the results is good, but the process was so stressful...I began calling them both the "cardiac kids" b/c just the wait could give one a heart attack LOL!! But today @5PM is the END of this semester...totally...I'll be boxing up their curriculum tomorrow~although I'd like to ask to keep one of the math books so my son can review and make SURE he knows this stuff as he has the PART 2 NEXT YEAR to do...make sense?? LOL...Okay~that's our wrap up...

I really wasn't sure I was going to be pleased with a virtual academy setting for my kids~something about being in control of WHAT AND WHEN we do school as the first would be a concern over the content. Let me assure you that teenagers IF they attend colleges and universities will face worse 'doctrines' belief systems than what I've observed with our virtual academy curriculum...and at what point are they going to face THE WORLD anyway? I believe that after a child is grounded in the faith that it's a good thing to allow them to reason and learn what the other things are out there while I am still here to help...they're gonna face it anyway~which is better: on their own totally or still with parents and supports?  We chose to go for it now.  I know it's a concern. I'm not trying to convince anyone other than to say that I wish I had known HOW GOOD virtual academy would be as we would have done this YEARS ago...

Thanks for checking on us~TIMES ARE A CHANGING!  The Lord is good and I am so thrilled as He has blessed us~Let me know what's up with you and your thoughts ;-))