Saturday, June 18, 2011

HEALTH~I Must Be on a Kick!

Okay, I keep writing about food~WHAT I'm eating or trying to eat, so I must be either on a kick or obsessed! But either way, I have to figure out HOW to eat in a sound, HEALTHY, God honoring way. . . I ck'd out several more sources..not so sure about Which lays out a food plan of three meals and a potential snack~for those needing one...all planned and purposed. The first two called Complementary Meals are essentially 3-4 oz protein and two cups of low carb veggies.  Then there is a Reward Meal consisting of balanced non diet food that is whole, lean, non sugared, but in the quantities and character of the chooser. I dunno! SEEMS rationale, but in fact, is scarey...and the website seems old and out of date to me..WHAT do you think?

Then I found
which seems to be a little less extreme, but advocates eating carbs and doesn't talk about limiting them EXCEPT in the instances of over processed and refined (faster metabolizing ones that give fast high spikes to blood sugar.) Oh brother! WHERE IS good sound info when you need it?  WHAT is your thoughts?

I have NOT had a dietician consult for this condition. The most I got was leave the sugar alone with this diagnosis. Everything I can find mostly to read couples insulin resistance with Diabetes and treats it pretty much the same way...Okay, so I can live with that.  But, the concern I have is being SURE I'm lowering my carbs to an acceptable level that will heal my body. I have inflammation going on~literally have pain in my tendons and muscles AND I have neuropathy~all sugar related. BURNING FEET is no fun! And yes, they're improved, but it does seem that at times I still have it in a milder less intense form..I'd like to get rid of it altogether! WHOOT!

Okay, I'm heading on to do more reading. 

I'm LOOKING FOR my miracle today and doing my part. The Lord will do His I am sure!

BTW~today is week 35 NO WHITE and NO SUGAR (processed or goodies!) YAY ME!


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