Friday, July 1, 2011

HEALTH~9lbs Down To Total 75lbs Since April 2010

I'm striving and surviving! Today I went to the docs to ck up past the ER stop of last week~(chest pain on interstate is NO fun!) and well, first off~my vitals are great! I've undergone some medication adjustments this wt loss (I hope this IS why) has necessitated a reduction in medications for my heart.  Also I weighed today~remember SisterT doesn't weigh weekly or daily but when I have doc appts~so I am down 9lbs for a total of 75#s in a little over a year. My progress is steady and sure~I'm on NO gimmicky stuff. It's a sound low carb food plan. Enter the new dx of diabetes and you find that giving up white flour and sugars is so so wise! It's been over 9 mo since I've done that~in fact, tomorrow adds another week to those already WONDERFUL weeks! I'm not missing it either! Foods that ppl who each sugar are found NOT to be sweet are truly good and sweet to me! THIS IS a huge miracle in my life. For once, I can believe~I am coming to believe that GOD CAN restore me...ODAT!

I had made an appointment for a trainer to work with me to expedite my wt loss but my cardiologist says to hold off for now. I'm still undergoing tests~the last will be a sleep study...but let me say that my numbers are all very good EXCEPT a slight 6pt increase over the 'bad' cholesterol number...Giving up a few EGG BREAKFASTS each week ought to handle this for me! Also my A1c was PERFECT: 5.5! I'm so blessed.

Okay so as of now, it's forward steam ahead with my food plan and lifestyle changes. God is good! ALL THE TIME~God IS good!
SisterT <3


Susan said...

Hey, way to go! I'm so happy to hear this. Thank you for sharing your good news.:0)

Cristi said...

Congratulations on the awesome A1C -- I know what an accomplishment that is!

Stacie said...

Keep it up, Sister T! God is with you on this journey. . .you are doing great!