Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slim Down Sunday~Week 2 ALL ABOUT CHOICES...

Heartfelt Homeschooling
I'm still on my health path since last year with 75 PLUS pounds GONE! PTL! I haven't weighed in a few weeks so I don't know my progress as of late, but I'm still 'shrinking' so I feel confident the scale will reflect a conservative weight release.  I'm so thankful!

One thing going on is that all kinds of ppl who know me are noticing that I'm shrinking. It makes me feel good, but I also don't want to become complacent so that I CELEBRATE sooo big that I eat over it...FOOD IS NOT my celebration any longer!  But I am enjoying that my body is becoming more's all good!

My choices this week are something I consider very important when it comes to my food.  It's not just the amount of calories, but the kinds and combinations that I am working with to find the path to health.  For me, I'm eating over 2K calories a day which is just low enough to cause about a 1-2lb weight loss per week, and also I eat no white flour or sugars...AT ALL and have done this now for almost 10 months...PTL! Also I am eating more fresh (from the garden!! woot!!) healthy foods leaving off most breads and pastas..(all white pasta is a NO NO!)  I have picked up more protein in my diet as it builds muscle and does not turn to sugar to increase the blood sugar/insulin response in the's generally VERY lean protein as I eat NO pork or pork products...generally no hot dogs or link sausages UNLESS they are the (expensive) healthy ones~and only occasionally.  Much of what I am eating is very very balanced. I eat fruit (generally fresh), just 1 sometimes 2 servings per meal and if I get that second one it~it's not eaten at the following meal...

For instance:


2 eggs poached in cooking spray (salt & pepper)
1 banana (I find the smallest non gourmet banana bunch they sell that week and eat the smallest one I can find!)
1 6OZ container of Kroger Carb Master Vanilla Yogurt (60 cal/4GM carbs/9GM protein)

This is the usual meal plan for my am meal... and I drink water...

Oh not as much as I should, but I do drink water!

I KNOW it should be more...we even distill our water ourselves and have a water cooler with the jugs of our distilled water...I just don't...LOL...

But then I'm also researching food and my choices~
Here's the Spark People diabetic info on food: 
Eating Well With Type 2 Diabets
I am now a brand new diabetic who is controlling my blood sugars with diet and also one medication per's my prayer that I can come off of it at some point and find myself living a healthier lifestyle...

The doctor as told me to hold off and do nothing stressful as of late.  I am hoping for a clearance to hit the gym with a trainer soon!!  (I am in process for having medical testing so hopefully I will know pretty quick!)

As for eating out:

I am a big time believer in eating a HOME, which is a HUGE behavior mod thing for me. In the past, it was an EVENT, PARTY, CELEBRATION and all kinds of LIFE to hit the restaurants~but no mo! Today, I prefer
my OWN FOOD to that of the restaurant chef, but there are times I find it essential to eat out b/c of time constraints and travel...soo where do I eat??

I like Subway.  You can find one in almost any community AND they're consistently GOOD~my fave is the veggie 6" whole wheat sub.  I eat ALL the veggies except the dill pickles, jalapeneos, spinnich, and green peppers~I usually get EXTRA CHEESE! I like pepper jack!  I also like the roast turkey.  On occasion, I will order the apple slices with water.

IF NO SUBWAY, I like Arby's.  Arby's has Market Fresh bread which is the nut grain bread and soo good. They also NOW have a whole grain wrap which is DIVINE!! REMEMBER: I haven't had sugar in MONTHS, so these things are soo good to me!! But what I like to get is the Market Fresh UNTOASTED roast turkey sandwhich (hold the honey mustard) w/mayo only and the fixings just like it comes...OR OR OR...the chicken salad wrap~oh my goodness! THIS IS DIVINE!! The chicken salad has apple, walnuts, mayo, celery, mayo and chicken.  YUM!! and the wrap with dark green curly leaf lettuce on that wrap! Oh my! AND there's loads of protein along with veggies and FRUIT~they make it daily...I LIKE that~and feel it's pretty healthy!!  I tried a beef sandwhich in the wrap and didn't like it as much...

CHINESE~We have ONE oriental restaurant we like to go to that has a Mongolian Grill~it's the REASON we go there...the BAR stuff MOSTLY has sugar or pork~also white flour products...I don't do any of these, but I can pick out some DIVINE fresh food and have it lightly cooked, and it's so good! I also make up my own sauce with soysauce, garlic and red pepper paste which is very good~and has no sugars like the premade 'brown sauce.'

You might ask me HOW I know it all has sugar?? Well, after NOT eating it~and being GLAD b/c I feel so much better NOT eating it~I can taste it...I know what mushrooms in brown sauce taste like when I KNOW every ingredient..and they aren't supposed to have a sweetness, but the ones on the buffet DO...sooo...TASTE can tell me OR if IN DOUBT, I don't...
Okay, I'm in for the LONG HAUL~  THIS IS A LIFESTYLE change.  I am so thankful to God for showing me how to live and nourish my body.  I pray to continue as He gives me the ability.

Thanks for coming by~I'm looking at this next week and praying I can get moving a little bit more...Are you working on your health?? Where are you with it?? Any progress??


April said...

Whoohoo!! 75 lbs down?! What an inspiration you are!! :)


April said...

75 pounds is wonderful! Pat yourself on the back - twice! I know for me the carbs are a real challenge - white flour, pasta, crackers, etc. all taste SO good to me. Sugar - well, addict. So, cutting these things out is so hard, but I know, like you, it makes the biggest difference. You'll be my inspiration to keep these at bay! Thanks for linking up!


Lisa Ladrido said...

Love this meme! 75 pounds is awesome results. I can't wait until I have lost all that I need. Congratulations! I love Subway too, they have great sandwiches. Have a great week! Lisa

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