Sunday, July 31, 2011

Slim Down Sunday~Week 3 Had to BACK IT DOWN...

Heartfelt Homeschooling

I'm joining up over at Heartfelt Homeschooling for Slim Down Sunday as an accountability for my weight/health program.

Here's my week:  I have been under some stress and stuff going on, and it's been difficult NOT to want to EAT DOWN the house~but I've not done it; however, I did find my plate becoming fuller with higher calorie foods than I KNOW will do what I need it to do which is create a slow weight release and keep my nutrition in balance~Sooooo I have back down those amounts again to something near reasonable and increased my veggie consumption again. Having good FRESH garden grown cucumbers picked right from the patch is such a help too! Also my fave grocery had celery 99 cents a bunch! WHOOHOO! What's NOT to LIKE about that?? (Unless, of *hate* LOL..celery!) ...LOL...

Okay, so I'm still on the exercise restriction, BUT I did go to the lake with my family on Thursday and swam two hours in the BAKING HOT HOT HOT get cooked with a nasty sunburn~OUCH! But sooo far, I'm not blistering or looking like I might~I'm a big believer in aloe vera so that $3 gel was a good deal at Dollar General, huh??? LOL....I've been slathering that stuff on liberally!  Also I have continued my level of activity~but nothing strenuous...just...STRESSuous...LOL...but I'm working on giving this to the Lord. Only HE can fix it...only HE...

I won't be at the doc for a few mo weeks, so we shall have to wait to see how my weigh in is coming along...THIS IS A GOOD plan for me b/c I am not NOT not scale 'obsessed' but in fact, I do deal more with a phobia...HOWEVER, the SCALE IS NOT the measure of my success~it's every bite that goes into my mouth.  Today, I did not eat at our church social where there would be foods triggering me into overeating. I did eat a Subway sub though that was fixed like I needed it to be for my health. Also yesterday I celebrated 10 mos of NO WHITE sugars or flours in my diet...Praise the Lord!

Thanks for stopping by~Are you addressing your health? Don't wait too long like I have until it's a HUGE mountain to climb~whatcha gonna do?? Won't you join me??



April said...

It sounds like you are doing well! I know those church socials can be a killer. I have overeating trigger foods too - those food you just can't stop eating. I wish I could take a bite or two and just enjoy it, but no. Two hours of swimming it a lot - good for you! I'll pass on the celery, but we did have strawberries by one get one. Yum!


Elizabeth Herr said...

Hello : ) Well done on the swimming and being conscious of what you are eating. I know when I'm under stress I like to eat... chocolate!!

Wishing you a better week this next week.