Monday, July 4, 2011

Vintage~Yeah, I LOVE OLE STUFF

I don't know WHY I've been fighting fact, I can't really say I've been doing that much b/c my life is so full of the oldie but goodie kinds of things! The younger ppl now call me, "OLD SCHOOL" LOL...and that's fine with me. I am OLD SCHOOL...even to the point of homeschooling the ole schooling way~and it worked for generations as well as it has worked for mine~PTL! But, my taste is ole too...I love the old, used, vintage, rough, rugged, and repurposed. Lord knows, I'd never know HOW to shop a mall~have never been in ours and my trips to the local 'wally world' average about 3-4 a year..I know, I know...but what do I do you might be asking? I shop the 'secondary market' for most of what I want, and I have some other thrifty places where I buy the bulk of our food~plus we grow a good bit of it too...soo ya see, I have no need or little need to go 'there.' LOL...

Okay, so I will post up a few pics today~one in particular is for a bloggy bud who is into vintage and has a frame she's trying to repurpose~Ck out her post and pic here !  I thought she'd like to see what I've done with an ole frame and some needle art as well as show you all too~I'm pretty proud of my garage sale FIND and how with some board mount charges from Hobby Lobby~yeah, I could have done this myself, but I have tried mounting (stretching and affixing to a 'board') myself to have it come out pretty rumpled looking and not so nice...hence that little charge~$20. I also paid FIFTY cents for this piece..and the frame? Add in another dollar from a previous garage sale~I took the pic and mat out as it wasn't all that pretty imho!  Total~$21.50 for a pretty piece...and I'm just amazed at all the work some dear soul invested in it~prob 1970s by the colors..but I love it!

What do you think?
Yeah, it's a little 70s, but I love the workmanship and colors! I have loads of the green in my home so this works on a few levels ;-))

Okay, here's a pic frame with a mirror we use in the bathroom~yeah, the bathroom is awful~remember that we are TOTALLY remodeling this ole house...goes with the OLE HOUSE style I have LOL..ya know, REMODELING?? LOL..I guess I'll need a new HOBBY once all the house is done...LOL...but you know, it's such a while off that I'm just gonna ENJOY while I can LOL!

Soo don't mind where I began peeling the nasty wall paper~DID THAT til hub says, don't do it b/c the WHOLE WALL is coming down LOL! so hey, why waste my energy?? LOL!

Also a new pic from last night of where we're busting out old narrrrrly stairs in front and planning new siding!

Stairs and the TWO front doors you see are GOING AWAY~there's the TRUE front door on the side of the enclosed mud room that you can't see from this view~it's staying! LOL...Don't NEED three front doors! LOL...Okay, so you see, WE ARE a work in progress!

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