Thursday, June 16, 2011

HEALTH~My Progress AS OF LATE...

It's been a little bit since I last blogged in about my health pursuit progress. LOADS has gone on~but none of it bad, just busy.  I've continued to exercise even added walking our block and continuing to do more and more in our home as well as running the streets shopping and having a GREAT TIME! My food continues to be white FREE~no sugar (try very very very hard to abstain from it in ingredients as well) and flours (same as sugar!)  I still eat a bit too much, but it's coming down slowly.  My stomach organ must  be shrinking b/c hunger is improving as well.  The biggest news is that recently I saw a new cardiologist to ck my arythmia and had a battery of test. PTL I am FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the doc said, KEEP DOING WHAT you are doing! Talk about encouragement! AMAZING!! Overall, as of about 3 weeks ago my wt is down 61lbs since April 2010! For this too, I praise the Lord! But folks, I have so far to go yet~will you continue to pray for me? 

Gotta LOVE Maxine!
I am continuing my 12Step program for overeaters and food addictions. I fully realize that some would be uncomfortable with such a relationship, but I believe that God is using the program to draw me EVER closer to Him and helping me to give Him, my food~DAILY! While OA does allow for the nonbeliever, it is a spiritual program and points so strongly to the Lord giving the nonbeliever a place to begin putting into place the workings of faith that a relationship is built on the Lord~in fact, most christians I know with weight issues, me being one~generally never considered GIVING GOD CONTROL over our food...until now, it's precisely WHAT I'm doing! He's in control of it all. AND then, that Serenity Prayer~do you know it? Have you read it IN ITS ENTIRETY? Oh do yourself a favor and read fave part, 'accepting as He did this sinful world' and 'accepting hardships as the PATHWAY to PEACE.' Those are so powerful and really make that first stanza much fuller than just it alone! 

GOD IS to be praised! For once, in my life, I can believe that a 'normal' weight is possible FOR ME...I have HOPE! HOPE that the Lord can restore me to sanity as His Word promises. ALL the OA involvement in my life is Christian based and many of the ppl I am in association with are believers.  This is a comfort as well.  Does OA endorse christianity? NO.  It will embrace whatever, but when reading the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Blue Book (AABB) there are such beautiful christian principles.  AMAZING! 
THANKS for your prayers!

Just this week I purchased a RED beautiful Huffy bike for me~chrome fenders too!

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Briana said...

I'm so happy to hear you are doing so well! Congrats on the weight loss and sticking to the dietary changes!

Heather said...

Hooray!! You are doing so well! This is a hard journey, for sure:) I switched to organic foods to get healthier and I am so glad now. Lately, Ive been going gluten free to see if that helps some tummy problems. I have yet to cut out sugar though--that is a great thing to get rid of! Anyway, I am so glad to read how well you are doing~God is good and you are Tell'n It! Haha!