Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just Happy~Disney Music!

I wouldn't characterize myself as a Disney theme park thrill seeker, but I've certainly appreciated Walt Disney and all his many talents ~well, I've been to Disney in FL a few times~last time as a single when I was about twenty or so...HAD A BLAST! Sooo I know it's changed a bunch, but what great memories...I imagine some of my fave things are probably not there any longer~or are different...but hey, that's okay~should I ever get to go again, it will all be NEW!

But I have a friend, Heidi who loves Disney and goes a good bit~Well, she shard this Disney music link...oh how fun~and it's free...You KNOW SisterT loves FREE and then add up some sweet memories and a good listen...PRICELESS!

Thanks Heidi~

Here's the LINK! Go ck it out...and ENJOY!
Here's a FREE Disney ClipArt site~whoot!


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Prairiemaid said...

Thank you, Sister T! The kids will really enjoy both of these sites!

Free is always good!