Friday, April 1, 2011

REVIEW: Zeezok Film Guide: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

And it might be a SURPRISE who actually sits down with us!

It's been 40PLUS years since Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? came out and its subject matter is LOVE, humanity, connection~all riding in the vehicles of interracial relationships/marriage showing WHAT'S REALLY important in life in a masterful way~ I was given a choice over a good list of film choices for a Zeezok Film Guide review through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's TOS CREW review group, and I chose Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? with my children in mind.  IS today really different from the day this film came out?  I believe my teenagers could benefit from this film experience.  We had many choices in some wonderful films You can see them here! There are over 25 to choose from and more being added!
Film is an excellent way of learning, discussing, and experiencing different subject matter for homeschooling~everything from social studies to history and literature!

If you have young children, this film will certainly be lost on them entirely...but for the parent with an older, more mature child who you are guiding to understand the important things in life, the things that transcend time, culture, race and relationship~I recommend a careful and thoughtful view/study of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?  In fact, I won't spend much time here discussing this FILM Reviews!!~if you've not seen it~be prepared to find yourself ringing in on the side of love, human-ness and ultimate beauty!

Preview the film yourself and also get the Zeezok Film Guide~Included are wonderful features to help you navigate the themes of the film in a well organized and meaningful way~There are activities and questions~it's a real guide to knowing and understanding~TRUE appreciation for this what some may feel is a controversial topic~Do people still think this? I know 'back in the day' it was considered~OUT THERE in some circles! I find absolute pleasure in the idea that people of every race, color, tradition and creed can find happiness TOGETHER~I see it as something THIS SIDE of heaven! Zeezok Publishing treats the subject matter with respect and thoughtfulness~the only "uncomfortable" area I have is in the intro where Dr. Prentice is described as a 'Negro' which is an older outdated term, and  I'm not sure others will feel that this is acceptable or not offensive...

Here's the trailer:  (You can purchase the dvd HERE $22.95) 

Here's the link to the Zeebok Film Guide HERE!
I recommend both as a good addition to your high school modern studies of the 1960s and United States culture.

The TOS CREW was given opportunity to pick their own film to use a Zeezok Film Guide~Head HERE to see what we picked and are saying~

Leave me a comment. What do you think? Has the world changed? Are we still facing such racial and cultural divisions and challenges as are shown in this film? Thanks for coming by!

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Blossom said...

Hmmm I've not seen the movie. Have heard about it quite a few times. I really liked the Zeezok movie guide for Johnny Tremain, though :) I'm sure this was also well done. Good review :)
Oh, btw ;) you won the Web Designs for Kids from my giveaway :) I sent you an email.