Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog Crusie: SisterT's Talking About HOW To Instill A Moral Work Ethic in Our Children

The Question this week is:  How to instill a moral work ethic in your children, discouraging shortcuts, and or cheating?

The moral work ethic is a BIGGIE character issue in life and fully determines success or failure in our future generations.   WHAT A MOUTH FULL! But I can't overemphasize the importance of teaching a moral work ethic to our children.  Without honest hard work, where in this world would THE WORLD be and our children are the future~not just of our families, but of this world...we MUST pay extra dilligance to instill hard work, honesty, and CHARACTER in our children. It will never be good enough to accept such a lame and sorry excuse as 'whatever the meaning of IS, is...'~OH MY LORD! And a direct quotation from a former US president. What a low rate thing to have said based on low rate morals~yeah, I said it.  And furthermore, it's not just that I have had the nerve to say it, but more that GOD SAYS IT~and HE calls such shiftless dodging of truth~SIN.  SIN...yeah...big word...I know.

But if we don't instill honest, hard work~CHARACTER into our children then we might as well pack up our bags and head for the hills! There's going to be NO PLACE safe~no morals~no compass~NO ETHICS or decency~and we won't a one of us be able to COUNT ON anything or anybody...Oh, if we fail one or two of our littles, perhaps the whole world won't end, but don't you think that each time a wayward child acts out that if a mother and father at least did their best that not only they but the angels cry out in shame? The failures of our children do rest upon us~in more ways that I care to think about...and it really is a big ole LIE~the kids are gonna be kids! WHA?????? OH MAN! Do we honestly EXPECT NOTHING better from our children??? THAN TO SET THEM UP with such a LOW RATE standard?  I shudder...shudder...WHERE ARE OUR standards?

First mother and dad, it's YOU who must set the example.  AND boy oh boy, this is a tall order and oh so not fun.  I don't like thinking of others all the time or giving up my wants and needs or considering my fellow man...NO! It's NOT fun...and sometimes it plain ole hurts.  It's costly at the time and sometimes long after that time~but the consequences of denial to self can often be long over ridden by the long term betterment of a higher purpose.  HIGHER PURPOSE? WHA??? Oh yes, sometimes as adults we are asked to sacrifice in ways that bring a good to a bigger picture.  AND we need to be willing a prepared to do so.  There are all kinds of examples of this in life. First that come to mind are the patriots of our nation who were willing...wait. There are patriots today~our military who are yet willing to stand in harm's way to protect and serve.SERVE...and then, I think of mothers of young children. I don't know of too many women who enjoy all..ALL the rigors and sacrifices to raise up a helpless little human...all the stages and messes..well~it's just an example and thank God for mothers!  But also thinking of missionaries and people who have died for faith.  LOADS of people who are called outside their box to DO...The higher purpose isn't always evident either, but in looking toward a better way, often even the most unintentional act of goodness can help bring goodness to this sad sick world...and boy we need as much good as we can get!

When mothers and dads are the examples, then there is a firm foundation for the child to grow in host character and truth.  If mama's not so reputatible, what is there for a child?  I mean, what does a child learn at our knee but the most basic fundamental of WHO we are...and believe me, they see beyond any facahd we might display.  Our children KNOW who we are ..and you know that DO AS I SAY, not as I do...just is doesn't work and most of us can't even say such with a straight face b/c we know in saying it it's just a big ole JOKE! AND jokes won't get the job they won't.

When our parental foundation is solid, then we can teach our children and expose them to other forms of good solid honest work ethics.  IF dad's a cheat~guess what??? Yeah, we all know...and unfortunately most children take the parental example over the top. NOT ALL, but quite a few...too many actually in the negative sense! Too many!

So how to expose them?  Talk about honesty.  Display it in all things: cashier give you too much change~your child's watching! Somebody ask you a question you don't want to answer and you think about lying, your child is watching! There's a big job ahead and you wanna short cut it~your child is watching! Speed limit? Your child is watching...EXAMPLE speaks so much louder than words~
And believe me, I know. Mine are old enough to totally HAUNT ME with all the stuff I stuck into them when they were much younger and IF I FORGET..oh my~oh my!! LOL...

Live it, work it, teach it and even preach it! It's the only way to teach our children such an important trait!

HOW are you doing it? The crew's talking on this one~GO      ck it out!


Vickie said...

I always remind my kids...even when they think "I'm" not watching/seeing...God is and they'll be answering to Him on those I don't catch. I tell them integrity everything.

Great post!

April said...

I agree with you completely that the parents must live it for their children to learn it. If you take advantage of someone and then tell your kids not to, what message are they supposed to hear? Good post!

Doreen said...

Yes! Parents are the starting point in teaching children values. The scary part is that many parents don't do this or are incapable because they, themselves, don't have the values. I'm grateful every day that even though I'm so imperfect, I have a God who is perfect and can help me raise up our son and teach him the right path to choose from His Word. Great post!

Anonymous said...

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