Friday, April 29, 2011

She's a Doll~Toni!

I'm a doll collector, but you won't see very many dolls displayed in my house.  Not right now~it's too cluttered with all things homeschool and life~but I have about 100 or more.  Since our last move, they've resided in blue bins and boxes~but in cleaning out our basement I gotten reacquainted with my 'friends." LOL...and I so love some of them~But dolly-LUV isn't what I'm talking about~no it's my newest one~and she's a doll too~her name is Toni! Here's some pics~she's a refurbished 1950 hard plastic 14 inch with blond hair and hazel eyes.  She was in pieces and my mother restores dolls so she cleaned her body and restrung her.  Originally she was in pieces...LOL...

WHAT do you collect? 

Here are those pics:
Ready for a party!

Such a pretty face!

Bloomers FIRST LOL

naked with a sister...but whole...put back together!

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