Saturday, April 23, 2011

CONTEST: Constituting America~ Entries DUE: June 14th

Here's an opportunity to let your student be heard on the US Constitution~Enter a contest!
My friend, Amanda is working with some neat people, and here's what she's said:
I've been blessed with an opportunity to work with some super sweet
Christian people, Founder and Co-Chairs Janine Turner and Cathy
Gillespie, that want to educate others about the Constitution and our
nation's founding principles, and I'm getting in touch with teachers
and students about what we're doing. The contest I was mentioning is
for K-12 and this year, college students can enter too and win a scholarship. We would love to have as many entries from students
across the country. Entries are due June 14.
Constituting America is a nonprofit organization and this is the
second year of the contest. We're working to reach educators and
students so that schools may be equipped to teach about the
Constitution on September 17 for Constitution Day and Citizenship Day,
as well as throughout the year. We are promoting Patriot Clubs this
year and so far, and students have talked about how they are building
leadership skills in their Patriot Clubs when they hold their meetings
because each participant has responsibilities. Also begun this year is
the 90 Day Analyzing The Constitution Project that started on
Presidents' Day, February 21, with guest constitutional scholars
writing essays on each segment of our Constitution over 90 days.

Here is a five minute clip of our winners last year: A longer version plays at the top of the
website as soon as the site opens. The video is from the 2010 road
trip across America and the winners are featured talking about their
contest entries and why the Constitution is important to them. I have
a DVD that I can send to you if you would like. The long version of
the video on the website can be played by streaming in classrooms to
show students the types of entries that they can enter and how much
fun students had with the contest learning about our nation's history
and founding documents and principles last year.

 The main email for Constituting America is
There's a main phone number too that is 1-888-937-0917,

Here's the LINK again! Whoot! Join up, won't you??

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