Friday, April 15, 2011

Fit Mommy Fri~ WK 15: STEADY and STILL At It!

I HONESTLY have such a long way to go, and b/c many of my Fit Mommy buds are just maintaining~I get a little discouraged with my progress! In fact it's hard to write every week without disclosing all my stats but I do feel that some would not be able to relate to my situation, but I do feel that FOR ME it's helpful to continue to plug along with this meme.  In fact, I get few comments here~but no matter...comments or no, I write this one FOR ME.  You have to do that too~find things in life that hold you accountable and in the game...and opting OUT of the game is what I did in allowing myself to become so morbidly obese.  But, no more! I am in and still at it. . . it's PROGRESS I count~not perfection! I won't EVER get there if I focus on my flaws rather than my victories...and so I encourage all the Fit Mommys at whatever your desired goals to focus on WHAT YOU ARE doing and celebrate that MORE~don't beat yourselves us, but learn and change~grow...that little flower that began as a seed to a sprout fought the dry crust of the earth's surface to rise up to the sunshine and flower! WE CAN TOO!

My progress this week is evident in my feet.  I have been a size 13 WWW shoe and yesterday in my thrift store travels I found a regular width size 10 to my comfort~WOOT~

Soo for me, it's ALL IN THE FOOT today! LOL

I am still white flour and sugar free~no preaching here! In fact, you may not need to do this in your life, but if you are struggling, let me say that NOW that I am thus, I don't EVER want OR EVEN DESIRE to return. Why? B/C I AM FEELING BETTER than I have in YEARS! and body is shrinking faster than I ever dreamed.  I believe that higher than normal sugars per my research shows that it will increase inflammation in the body~and that causes puffiness and swelling...yup...SO I WAS BIGGER eating sugar even though I was not gorging (in the end of still consuming) it!  Soo you can keep right on~but know that I do count this as a pure unadulterated MIRACLE in my life~I am amazed that I am celebrating 26 weeks tomorrow.  I also celebrated 21 years with hub on Wed~that's a victory! Also..I am one year in my program of changing my health by giving my life to God. PTL!

I continue to drink on that bike this week~climbed more stairs and worked like a dog! woot!

I'm cking out a new Christian Bible study that addresses food addictions HERE!                  .

If you want to read more or join up with the other Fit Mommys~HIT that button!  HOW was your week? Are you gardening this year? Are you adding more veggies-raw and healthy?? What's up with you??


Jen said...

I am currently reading Made to Crave again! I read it for a review when it was first release, but not i'm going through again slowly. I'm also visiting Melissa Taylor's blog from Proverbs 31 ministries and using her online bible study.

We are planting 3 large gardens this year. I lost so much weight last summer due to gardening!! I also got a bike. Keep up the good work!!

Lorus! said...

I'm joining back in this week! I found myself down to almost no exercise each week. I have quite a bit to lose and need to get back on track. You are doing so well!

Briana said...

Great job! I love hearing about your progress! New and smaller shoes, yah, baby! You inspire me.

Annie Kate said...

Congrats on the shoes! Way to go! And extra congrats on the anniversary and on being white-free for half a year! You're doing awesome!

In fact, you're an inspiration. :)


Annie Kate