Friday, April 15, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal Wk 12~It's ALL ABOUT Drama!

The Homeschool Mother's Journal I'm participating in The Homeschool Mother's Journal this week and we're ALL about DRAMA right now! Drama Club that is! Both my kids have been heading out at dawn each morning and driving to drama group for the last week of this semester's production of Charlotte's Web! I am too thrilled! In fact, I get to GO SEE IT tonight~WOOT!! My daughter is such a trooper~she has two minor roles~a baby gosling and a baby spider! My son is a supporting crew member~he's cleaned and readied the theater each performance and tonight will work as an usher and in concessions!  AMAZING!

In My Life and In Our Homeschool This Week:
It's been a crazy week. First out my pastor of many years~my childhood and teen-early twenties passed away on Saturday. You know how you think you can lay all your demons to rest and moved on in life for it to suddenly bite you? Well, that's what this has been like.  I will one day write about all my feelings related to this but for now, please just know that it did effect me and I have been very sorry that he is gone. In fact, now that he is~something is MISSING that was good in this world...As for how I've done, I have struggled keeping my food plan in place. I am still sugar and white flour free but my portions will sometimes take a hit and I will eat more than I normally do.  I've been pretty good with this so far~but it is a challenge. I do celebrate 26 weeks tomorrow and now one year in my eating program.  My clothes are significantly looser and I am now a few shoes sizes smaller! woot! I've been on my bike and I've been pretty active. We're cleaning out one 1/2 of the basement and I am getting ready for a HUGE CURRICULUM CLEANOUT~be on the look out! Also I am reordering my stuff~Can you say~C R A Z Y?? LOL...

Our homeschooling has been excused as our daughter is on leave from her school work and our son is off for three days until the play is complete. I will have some pics for you next week that I am taking tonight! I am too thrilled! AND SOO ready for that break!

Places We're Going and Ppl We're Seeing:
  Drama Club TONIGHT AND TOMORROW April 15-16th@the Holland Theater in Bellefontaine, OH!   Check out this HS group!
Daughter is a gosling and baby spider~awwww...LOL!  

My Favorite Thing This Week was...
Seeing all the progress in my kids and how well they are holding up under such responsibility.  My son was stretched by interacting with a special needs young man and I am praying for him to do God's will. I love that we are cleaning our basement and that I am FINDING MY LIFE again! woot!  I also like that I am in that smaller shoe size!!! whoot whoot!

What's Working/Not Working For Us...
I like that the weather is BEGINNING to cooperate~NO SNOW this week! YAY!! AND the flowers in my yard are getting going~

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have...

Will JUNE ever get here?!  And CAN I purge all my book cases easily???

Here's a pic~Okay~A! (BUT HOW COULD I RESIST?? LOL)
Boxes from our basement~
Drawn portrait  by a cousin of me @ 3.5 yrs~
mine when they were babies~
Dolls in storage w/o their clothes~
Our house~street view turning in...GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME!
First flower of the season~
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katie at brighton park said...

So sorry to read your pastor passed away. Thinking of you. We (and by we I mean "I") are also in the process of clearing out some rooms and organizing. hard work but feels so good once you are done! stopping by from the homeschool mothers journal linky. stop by and say hello sometime! katie