Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: WK4~Proof IS in the Pudding!

The Homeschool ChickWell, not exactly pudding! But the proof of a good education and homeschooling is when our kids ARE put to THE TEST~and yeah, I've done's called LIFE...and joining into the mix of second semester virtual academy K12.  Oh yeah! We have been challenged and put to the TEST~But I am feeling a little bit better about it all this week and last week's meltdowns are over~BoyThingOne has got to do his work on HIS OWN or FAIL and reconnoiter to figure out HIS OWN WAY~after the last 10 years of pushing, pulling, tugging and towing, I have learned that I MUST let him DOooo even if it isn't just perfect or WHAT I'd like to see...and surprising is how well he's doing~I am impressed with his strengths and that he's adapting and learning HOW to proceed with an education that HE WANTS~  Proof for my daughter is her tenacity and work. I am sooo impressed with her too~WHAT JOY to know that the time I've spent, my own heart's investments are returning full fold in my kids MAKING IT~and thriving,  not just surviving!

If you are interested, here is last week b/c I just figured OUT lol that these things go in on Friday~HA! NOT Monday...LOL...

Okay, so how did my week really go?

In My Life and In Our Homeschool This Week:
Well, I've stayed on my food & exercise plan, and I got to bump up my activity a good bit~loving that! My kids are doing better in virtual academy~we are still spending waaaaay too much time on this, but their time investments are paying off in good grades and they are becoming accustomed to the new routines.  It's definitely a  change~but for the better!

My Favorite Thing This Week was...
Hub and I went on a date to the movies on Valentine's Day and I laughed and was a side splitter movie~too funny! Had such a good time! Want to laugh some more, it really changed my outlook and made all the ice and snow melt from my soul~good thing too~the temps have warmed and all our snow is now MUSH and SLUSH! Woohoo!  

What's Working/Not Working For Us...
What's working is the new routines and structure, but what's not working is the TIME involved. School should BE DONE by 5 or 6 at the LASTEST~but we are working loads longer than this most nights ALL week long..this has GOT to change! 

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have...
Will I always want to do some of the things I am doing now in my life such as blogging and reviews? Just sayn' because life does seem to be more about doing...doing differently~I dunno...just sayn'...what's wrong with a little inside ck up?

A photo to share...(maybe a few...)
DNA model for Biology! Another meaning to CANDY!

self pic that HE sent to his math teacher...LOL...

MY valentine! LOL...

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Susan said...

I thought you had a rated-G blog (wink to the valentine). Remind me not to let my 10-year-old read it over my shoulder, lol!

Glad to see your kiddos are finding their strengths and weaknesses and that the virtual academy has been such a positive experience. I'm leery of those things, too, but I've been hearing some good things about them lately.

Hugs, and blessings. It's still so new to y'all, I'm sure you'll find your groove within another couple of weeks.

Michelle Smith said...

It sounds like you've had a good week. We've been experimenting with re-doing our own schedule, too. Not easy with 5 children, 4 of which are in school and a 3 year old. Always interesting, especially with new curriculum coming and going.

I understand what you mean about reevaluating. I pray that the Lord will lead you into what is best for your family and your children's education.

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

What a funny Valentine! lol

Glad to see that k12 is working out for your family. I'm sure as the kids adjust it will require less and less time. I'm thinking we could benefit from some LONG school hours in the weeks ahead.

Blessings! :)