Friday, February 25, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday WK 8~Still Working, But Hit a Glitch~

It's a little glitch, but still a big one in many ways~I have not gotten to the Y as much as I need to this week~in fact, it's Wed right now when I am beginning to write this post and all that yucky snow and ice that got dumped on us on Sunday night-Monday really slowed me down...and then it kept going on Tues..but today, I've been tied up helping the kids get back into the schooling routine as we were off on Monday too...ha! Soo much for increasing my exercise! BUT you do have to know something about me~I have been continuing to MOVE MORE inside my house and have committed to HUNTING DOWN a stationary bike so I can begin working on it each morning before I start my day~just a few minutes of fast peddling before I go down the stairs to begin with God, my friend who prays and studies with me each day~and then breakfast~ALL days except Sundays when I am in a RUSH to head to church...oh yeah!  Well, so I've not found a bike YET, but I am thinking about hitting the Y after church tonight and swimming for an hour...hmmm...I COULD do that...yeah, gonna run it by the clan to see if they wanna~

Soo I am thinking MORE exercise is beneficial. My neuropathy is improving~My body is shrinking. You know, I never measured to begin with, but those smallest jeans are now gettting loose~whoohoo! I am drinking more water and working my body at intervals throughout the day~seriously..while I'm not full blown aerobic shape exercise potential YET, one day, I will be...

Also my son's PE class is discussing nutrition. I am NOT thrilled with all that I see b/c it's still too sugar based, meaning that there are too many grains in the overall make up of the suggested diet~grains however unrefined STILL turn to sugar~albeit watching them and eating them as natural as possible is a huge thing in reducing the glycemic index of a food plan. I'm thinking diabetes PREVENTION, here!

Here's some links:
Centers for Disease Control

I really like that this site is a STOREHOUSE of most anything health including current stats on the health of the nation and it doesn't help that I met someone who worked there once who said that the CDC is basically in the KNOW about all things health in our nation...okay, sounds credible to me...since I have a nursing background, this makes sense to me even more!

Okay, today is NOW Friday and I am way behind getting this post up~but I am struggling. I need to weigh and measure my food EACH meal and I don't *like* doing that~sooo I made a commitment yesterday to do this and guess WHAT? FAIL~sooo since I've had breakfast and lunch already~I will do it TONIGHT~oh boy!  I'm also snowed in so can't get out~have a level 2 travel advisory so this means I am STUCK in here~but going to begin my exercise bike research~I WANT one to begin each day with some riding~woot!

Still staying clean with the KINDS of foods~just want to address amounts at this time~AGAIN! BELIEVE it OR NOT~you CAN get fat on celery~don't believe 'em when they say YOU CAN'T...LOL...eating healthy and with proper portions with exercise fuels and keeps this body going!

Thanks for stopping by to ck on me~the pics are all Dec-just a week or two back in church~BE BLESSED and KEEP UP the great work. To ck on other Fit Mommys~go HERE!  You wanna join? GREAT, come on!


Debbie said...

Keep on. I know with God's help you can succeed... and help your family learn too. Press on. Set new goals for next week. Pray and work.

Annie Kate said...

I sure hope you find a bike soon. Here they're often available at thrift shops, garage sales, and Kijiji.

In the meantime, you're still moving! You can do it, even without a bike, even when you're snowed in! Great job!

You're doing so well!!


Annie Kate