Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review: Eternal Encouragement 's Newsletter~Encouraging Moments

MOTHERHOOD IS NOT for the faint of heart~nor the cowardly~NOR the profane...
SMART MOUTHED~Disrespectful~UGLY talk~RUDE~DISOBEDIENT~HURTFUL CHILDREN~and so on...are in a family's future IF some action isn't taken early in a young child's life... I ought to know...I have TEENAGERS~YIKES!  As a mom of two, I am living today the results of the upbringing and socialization of my precious children~do dare I admit they can be such?  Oh course, they can. But am I thrilled? NO.  In fact, honesty, purity, sweetness, obedience, grace and more are what I hope to have given them...but did I?  I tried.  I did.  But I haven't been perfect either~and while I have great kids, perfect they are NOT...but they are blessings to me...and they do soo try to do what is right, which pleases me, their father and our Lord.  

Since motherhood is totally TOUGH, along the way I've needed...sooo needed encouragement and HELP! HEEELP! When they were littles I listened to a radio program that discussed all things Christ-like womanhood and mothering that was a local pastor's wife in the area where we used to live...and I have found another source of support for today~Encouraging Moments~Our Moments Are Short and Sweet, the official newletter of Eternal Encouragement Magazine~formerly TEACH Magazine HERE. Yeah, for sure, my moments ARE so that~in fact...WHERE did time go?  Where DID the little babies go and bring me these great BIG adult sized children?  Life is marching by...and I desire support and some salve for my soul...a reprieve for my weary days~

Sweet kids...
Encouraging Moments won't take loads of time to dive into for you to gain that needed little nudge to keep you going. These E-newletters that are easy to join are concise timely nuggets designed for a quick pick-me -up to brighten and spur us onward in the ways of Christian mothering and womanhood.  Topics are around spiritual areas with Biblical emphasis and instruction.  This is some amazing stuff~and if you desire MORE than a weekly nudge, then you can subscribe  to the magazine Eternal Encouragement.  Mrs. Lorrie Flem is the publisher and has the depth and heart to show us Christ as we walk to do our roles in our homes~she's a wife, mother and has also homeschooled. 

Sweet kids again...
Inside you will find (from the website):
  • Encouraging you with wisely spoken words.
  • Convicting your heart as He refines you into His image.
  • Challenging you to continue to strive for improvement.
  • Touching your spirit with heart-warming stories.
  • Entertaining you through life-learning lessons.
  • Inspiring you to immerse yourself in the holy promises that are yours.
Each issue of TEACH covers a specific topic, topics that are relevant and revealing for homemakers and homeschoolers. You will love the tips and advice from our team of wonderful writers, or should we say experienced wives and mothers, ladies just like you?

All the sweet kids a few yrs back!
Who wouldn't WANT what this stuff? I certainly do! AND I sooo need it too~everyday...

When I received the Encouraging Moments newsletter, I found that the segment on teaching children obedience to be very good~some moms may not know how to do this in a positive way, especially if their mothering didn't model these kinds of things~The fact that it is multimedia presented Chick Flicks For Mom in a short film format made it interesting and sincere.  For their own sake, children must learn to do well in their heart which ultimately effects their actions.  Beginning now, with Encouraging Moments teaching and encouraging godly Christian character training and motherhood to we moms, our children have a better chance at life and pleasing the Lord in their future.  Christian family life and womanhood ideals are areas that Encouraging Moments is keen on, and you will find a wealth of all things from that perspective HERE!

I just had to post up a pic Maxine~as far as I know, she isn't a mom~but boy~howdee...I wonder about HER kids??!! ;-))  I definitely want to AVOID that trap...being a good wife and mother is very important...

Head over HERE to sign up for Encouraging Moments and give your spirit some support!  

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I am reviewing Encouraging Moments as an official member of The Gabby Moms blogging program for Eternal Encouragement magazine.  I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are solely my own.


foodfunfamily said...

Hahaha! your opening statement had me! Definitely, motherhood is not for the cowardly! :)

Like you, I appreciated the "Chick Flicks For Moms". there were some really great tidbits of information.

Thanks for your review,
Jada another Gabby Mom

foodfunfamily said...

Hahaha! your opening statement had me! Definitely, motherhood is not for the cowardly! :)

Like you, I appreciated the "Chick Flicks For Moms". there were some really great tidbits of information.

Thanks for your review,
Jada another Gabby Mom

Victoria said...

Short and Sweet is what I like in a newsletter. Thanks for your review.

Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing your review and pics of your family!
fellow Gabby Mom

Julie Coney said...

the maxine cartoon made me LAUGH!

great review!!
fellow GM stoppin by

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I have a feeling that Maxine would probably not be the best role model, but her cartoons are rather amusing. ;)

I enjoyed your review. :)

Julieanne said...

Where DOES the time go, anyway? I only have a few more years with my oldest at home. :( But I'm excited about the young woman she is becoming!

Nice review!

Julieanne (fellow Gabby Mom)

Carie said...

I am also wishing my teenager was a little guy again. It goes so quickly. Great review!
Carie (another Gabby Mom)

Chic Mama said...

I too love those nuggets that uplift me midweek! So needed!

Head Mama