Sunday, February 6, 2011

FREE: Reading Assessment on Line

SisterT drives a hard bargain. I don't spend my money anymore that I have to, and so I'm always looking for a good deal.  If you don't know, I've been compiling for over a year a handy-dandy little list on the FREEbies/GiveAway tab on my blog to list out all kinds of online free curriculum stuff~and today I just found a neat little site that has FREE reading assessments in decoding, fluency and comprehension.

If you have a young or struggling reader and you want to know where they are in the process you can ck this out.  It even has levels up to the 10th grade~which I think is pretty cool! ;-)) Since we began Virtual Academy K12 last week, my children have both completed the scantron testing in math and reading. I've gotten my daughter's score and am awaiting my son's.

Here's that link:
FREE: Reading Tests in the decoding (phonics, fluency (oral speed) and comprehencsion (understanding.)

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