Tuesday, February 8, 2011

REVIEW: VocabAhead One Thousand SAT Vocabulary Videos & Mp3s

VocabAhead~One Thousand SAT Vocabulary Videos and Mp3s
Lafazi, Inc
Website:  HERE!
Ages: Jr/Sr high school-adult
$24.95 @Amazon.com 
I say:  Great resource for anyone who desire increased vocab!

I was given VocabAhead~One Thousand SAT Vocabulary Videos & Mp3s as part of The Old Schoolhouse Crew review team in exchange for my honest opinions without monetary compensation.  My opinions are my own.
It's important to ck out a good solid vocabulary program to increase their word usage and communicate effectively no matter the age of your child and VocabAhead is a neat tool with loads of cartoon pictures to link meanings to words~This DVD employs the learning for a visual learner and an auditory learner~what a boost!  I like these cartoons that are well done and the little short film or narrative includes a word usage sentence with an explanation.  I think all kids will like this, but for the child who needs a picture, you won't go wrong.   
Here's the VocabAhead widget:


This DVD set of words number 1179 and it's amazing how great these are! Your child could actually enjoy vocabulary building, but this isn't really for a young child. The definitions employ a larger vocabulary than a young child might have and I didn't really like all of the definitions to some of the words or words used, like abase and burlesque.  Really? Is it necessary to include such?  The cartoons while appealing do present the words in a somewhat extreme manner.  The videos are short and direct~about 55 sec long~We liked that!

I checked out the website and it's got some really neat features that go along with the word videos~The Study Room has many of the videos for FREE as well as word building flashcards and quizes~the words are laid out alphabetically and you can customize your list~all for FREE~and you know, SisterT loves FREE! But if you'd like to record these videos on the Mp3 to carry around, then you will want this DVD...and it's got more words~Amazing teaching method!  You can access the site and there is a Teacher Area's area as well as a sign up to receive a vocabulary cartoon each day. 

I like this learning tool, but I'd be more comfortable if the content was consistent for the higher road in life, and I'm just not sure that unless you want to download the audio that the purchase price is worth it~like I said, SisterT loves FREE!  There's a lot to get on the website FREE, and it appears that it's just words albeit there are 1179 on the DVD~that Study Room is appealing!  Since I collect FREE resources, I am adding VocabAhead to my list.  

We like VocabAhead~Hope you will check out what the rest of TOS Crew is saying                 !

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