Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday WK 7~Research Equals POWER and MOVEMENT; MY RESULTS

I've been doing water aerobics, but they aren't overly stressful, while I am gaining endurance. I'm NOT like the other Fit Mommys who have either NO weight to loose or who have 100 or less to loose, and their exercise/fitness goals are more maintanence than restorative~not so with ME...actually I have much more than that to loose, but the greatest thing I will loose is my life IF I  don't do something~so here I am ...and I want to reach out to those LIKE ME who think it's's not. HOPE comes from God~not ourselves.  Any problem we have is something HE can fix~and He does...but the biggest thing I'm learning is that a food plan alone is just a DIEt and it won't work for me.  I need something more~I need a focus on my spiritual health~mind and spirit~that helps my body~AND looking to God helps me on this path. He's my source and strength.

Recently, my son enrolled in an online PE course which is exploring all kinds of activities as well as the information on how to become fit and stay that way..WHAT A BOOST for me! I am so thrilled to get access or maybe not access~but to have this info put before me~AND I also won a fellow Fit Mommy's giveaway for a Denise Austin book...I'm MOVING ON UP, folks!! YAY!

Okay, so I want to link up and share what I am exploring. So beginning today I am going to give you these links and some highlights as I explore them.

Strength Training: Weight Training 101
This site is pretty extensive and exhaustive about lifting weights. Two tips would be to warm up and then do all muscle groups to prevent uneven building and possible injury. I also figure that I need a Workout Finder Suvey  to be able to know what level~or just HOW beginner I am ...I mean, I am way way out of shape~Also you can sign up for a FREE Exercise Newsletter via email on that same page~sounds great to me!

Okay~it put ME in theExercise for Beginners  page which looks pretty good. Some of it I have accomplished and others I can read and figure out...The part about gym intemidation is pretty good b/c while I go to the Y to swim, believe me, it's embarressing. I don't like *that* part...but~it's MY health...and I gotta DO IT!

Beginner Goals has some pretty good info on HOW to set attainable goals. Believe it or not~this is probably the area that FIRST we all need to address~HOW dumb would it be to set an unattainable goal for myself and then GIVE UP because I have *failed*!  Duh...WHAT did I expect, but to fail~and what's worse than failure AT my own hands? Not much! So in being kind to me and living in honesty, I know it will take some time to undo my damage. Death by Fork is one thing that will take some time to undo in my life...TIME is on MY side~I pray...

Okay~so here's my progress this week:

Exercise: I've begun putting into place some exercises here at home that are little five-10 minute repetitions of movement in between the swimming. I've committed to getting to the Y 3 times a week...I also calculated how many calories I am burning for this water aerobic exercise and at my size, it's pretty good....yup~I'm still going to do these! Yay!

My food continues strong, although I awoke from a nap on Sunday afternoon after DREAMING I had scarfed down three cookies in my sleep~YIKES! Well, I didn't praise God! I am still sugar FREE...and tomorrow makes 20 weeks! YAY!

Okay~I weigh in on Monday~don't think it's going to be a huge loss, but I am hoping for a good result based on my efforts and the way my clothes are fitting~

Thanks for stopping by and cking on me~You can read about the other Fit Mommys OR join up for encouragement and inspiration~Just click HERE OR on that button up top~Leave me a shout out~I'd love to hear from you! ;-))


Heidi... said...

20 weeks w/o sugar... AH.MAZ.ING! I'm so impressed! I've done 6 weeks and you've just inspired me to go for 14 more! ; )

The Unsell Family said...

That is awesome, Sister T! I need to follow your example.

I LOVE your new blog design.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

20 weeks without sugar. Wow! That is great. Keep up the fabulous job!

I agree that your new blog design looks nice. :)

HollyC said...

Wow! 20 weeks without sugar seems like a lifetime to me!! I'm beginning my journey on low sugar/no sugar diet and it's not easy! I'll be visiting with you for support!! Thanks for sharing.

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

I wish I had your motivation! You are doing great!

Debbie said...

You are not the only one doing Fit Mommy Friday that has more than 100 lbs to loose. Take a look at my blog and you will see. I am increasing my fitness little by little with my Wii Fit. I am under 250 and loosing weight little by little. You are doing great. Glad to have you with us on this long journey to fitness and health.

Annie Kate said...

Great job! You just keep on going, bit by bit, and keep that sugar away! You've already done so marvelously well!

Have a white-free week! :)

Annie Kate