Friday, March 11, 2011

SisterT's BEEN Cheated!

Yes, I have. Life cheats us everyday....but thoughts of my blessings have to over ride these feelings that accompany the pain of those losses.  I can tell you that being cheated STINKS! nor is it fun~

I ran across a sir name that reminded me~ONLY REMINDED ME of that gal I babysat for with her 6...READ THAT RIGHT~SIX...awful little wild kiddos...and I had been promised pay...but as a teenager, got nothing except a life's lesson that some people are not kind and lie...THEN I think sometimes about that homeschool VENDOR chick who sells STUFF ON THE NET who I paypal'd a payment to~THIS PAST FALL~who has decided b/c her schedule was quite too NEGLECT to send me the items I ordered....I've thought about Telln' It! to you all just who and what...I have plenty of 'proof'' such as her corresponding emails~but nooooo! SisterT isn't going to STOOP that low.  $15 and some change JUST isn't worth THAT kind of blight on my life and blog!  But you have to know that some people are truly full of THEMSELVES..and this has got to be the problem~SELFISHNESS which is namely, sin.  And would it be right for SisterT to decide to SIN in reciprocation?  I have a fella in my church who by the grace of God I've not taken OUT...not literally, of course...but he's HARMED ME and MINE...and trust me, (WINK*WINK) THIS GRACE I issue IS from God! b/c SisterT's natural...yeah, it's natural to wanna *fix* it, inclination is to want to grab him by the throat and put us BOTH out of our misery in letting him KNOW just what he has done~but, again....I bring these up so you can see that my cheats aren't some fabrication of my mind...and neither is the GRACE coming from God through ME!

While being cheated isn't fun~it's very painful, I have to look UP and think of that portion of the Serenity Prayer that is just the BOMB:  Taking as HE DID, this sinful world and seeing hardships as the PATHWAY to peace! What power are in those words!  You see, if we didn't have CAUSE for war, peace would come too cheaply~and it's in the struggles that grace flourishes!

Here's that WHOLE Serenity Prayer~having never been one for 'rote' prayers, this one grows on me all the time:

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Stacie said...


You had me laughing over here--only because I know all too well the pain that you described. And well, sometimes it's better to laugh than to do what I REALLY feel like doing to those that have caused me pain.

Thank you for the reminder that it is SUCH a blessing that God does not treat us as our sins deserve. And that by His grace, we can choose not to treat others as their sins deserve.

Take care, sweet woman of God!!

God bless you.

TerriG said...

I know you don't want to rat people out but sometimes it's nice to warn people of the rip off scammers. My local Best Buy has done me wrong and I tried endlessly to clear it up. I finally told them I would tell anyone who listened that I was ripped off. Thanks for listening. I hope I do influence others, cause you just know it is not right!