Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gabby Moms: Super~Wha???


Yeah, Encouraging Mom: SUPER SHOT JOIN UP! HERE~you got that right...a shot.

It's a quick does to cure ya~the thing that ails ya!

AND it's a NO PAIN all GAIN deal~

You gotta hear this~Eternal Encouragement Mag HERE is putting together some cool instant boosters for womanly blues/botherishness~You ever had that? I have...oh, my! Have I ever! It's those feelings of worthlessness, isolation, failure and all that gunk that would rob moms and wives of the joy of the Savior in living a fulfilled life~And Mrs. Lorrie Flem and her ppl are on the ball thinking up just how to put our minds and hearts at ease in this world of woe~well, it's not all woe, but many of us do feels some nasty negatives once in a why not ck this out for a dose UP~a UP LIFT~

Do yourself a favor and get yourself an Encouraging Mom: Super Shot from Eternal Encouragment Mag so you too will be revived...I got the chance to preview and sneak in on a cool little SUPER SHOT...Ohhh boy~you gotta ck this one out!

Super Shots are a monthly publication of Eternal Encouragement Magazine, Lorrie Flem Publisher that will deliver four e-products to your mailbox monthly~woohoo! Each is designed to help us Moms~and sometimes we need help!

I got Kids That Clean Super Shot with four neat products~Three E-books and a download video.  What practical ideas and it's laid out in such a way~so logical....I'm trying it on my TEENAGERS~LOL..shhh! Don't tell them!

These little jewels of encouragement won't be available right away but will be coming in the next few months~ 

Gabby Moms are ringing on in with  what they say~ Go ck it out!

I received a Super Shot as part of the Gabby Moms blog review program in exchange for my honest opinions without additional compensation. My opinions are my own.


Cindy said...

haha...NO PAIN all GAIN!!!!
love it
fellow Gabby Mom

Jenny said...

I agree with Cindy. Fun tone!
Jenny, Gabby Mom in MI

mrspriceisright said...

I won't tell your teens!! Better make sure they don't read your blog though!!
U B Funny.
Betsy--a Gabby Mom