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Blog Cruise: SisterT's Talking About TEACHING THE HARD STUFF~

QUESTION:  Do you teach the challenging and advanced subjects if you struggle with them yourself?

This question comes from The Old Schoolhouse Crew Blog Cruise topic of the week~Did you know they're taking on aps for nxt year? READ ON for that link~

Hey, I am fallible~did you know that? I just don't know it all! I have found through the 10 years of homeschooling that I've been a lot like a little toddler who has faltered, fallen and just stumbled a little bit~while making progress in our's definitely been a journey~Soo HOW have I handled MY OWN learning curve?

Well, first off, I allow myself this fault.  I mean, WHO can be perfect? Certainly not SisterT, but that little gem of knowledge never helped my kids really, EXCEPT that in this, they have been allowed to see Mom's weaknesses and to SEE HER OVERCOME them~or compensate for them..or even accept them.  I mean, I have had to PUNT sometimes to get stuff covered that I didn't know. Like math for instance. I've spent more money and energy in this subject than any other~ANY OTHER...but when it was 'beyond my pay grade' I had to search and find those who could help us~I've researched and done the best I could. I guess with mo money and resources it would have gone better, but the lesson is to DO head ON with what you've got and can!

This year~I enrolled my kids in the virtual academy which might be taboo for some homeschoolers, but you'd have to admit that it took some guts AND that in a way it's an admission OR seeking help~I just could NOT for the LIFE OF ME issue a certified homeschooling diploma to two young adults at graduation that I was certain would be acceptable to employers and colleges/universities. AND HEAR ME OUT~I read/have read all the hype/info out there on it~I know~I KNOW that hsing diplomas are much more widely accepted~I hear that, but WHAT PATH might my child desire to take that I didn't plan on or cover? I know the military isn't accepting hsing diplomas~only ONE area that I know of..but that is a limit. I don't want best I can provide. WHY make my children at a disadvantage in the final analysis when I have literally spent YEARS and thousands to provide an improved option? MAKES NO SENSE to me, so we are in the best option we've got~certified accredited virtual academy. They're still home. I'm still homeschooling...just that now~my weaknesses are not the limits of their education, nor my resources the limits of their accomplishments!

Okay, so I get it~either way you go. But remember that life is a journey. At what point will I have the opportunity to guide and help them navigate the public arena? First year of college? Will they be more accepting of my guidance THEN than NOW?  I don't think so~REMEMBER being 18 and feeling like parents knew little?  Oh boy! So in anticipation of this little phase of growth into maturation, I felt like these years were the best to journey these challenges.  We're still TOGETHER now and Mom still has a 'few brain cells'~better now while they are still under my love and here we are!

If you find yourself like I have: WITH LIMITS~Lord knows we all are limited in some way~seek God's will for yourself and your children and be prepared to find help as best you can. Search out those options and allow yourself your God given frailty.  He cares and will be there in your lives as long as humility is at the forefront.  He can provide in the most unique ways! It's amazing!

Here's some of what I've done through the years to teach what I didn't already KNOW...ha!

1. LEARNED IT myself..
2. Researched and used some self guided/self instructing curriculum.
3. Networked with others~co-ops, other hsing moms,'s a limitless resource~
4. Stayed positive and continued despite challenges~
5. Asked Hub to teach it~Science and Music are two I can readily think of~along with piano teachers!
6. Try other curriculum OR multiple sources of information/methods for learning it~With this I say being a curriculum review has helped me here. I have gotten to try on different products along the way to see just what fit us the best for essentially FREE~all but my time...and honestly, my time is becoming more at a premium, but if my kids were small~I'd stay up with doing this! CK out that link at the bottom~

Okay, this is it in a nutshell~Just please don't give up~What we teach our children in our character is almost entirely more important than that difficult subject because since life IS hard, they having seen us persevere is such as asset! You can guide them in a positive way~for their futures in your weaknesses~I know...and what a miracle I am seeing in our first semester 9th week of virtual academy! We are so blessed!

Thanks for coming by~WHAT subjects are 'killing' you? Can somebody cure my 'math terrors'?? LOL  Let me know you were here~
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Doreen said...

So wonderful to see you are doing everything you can for your children. That's what it's really all about in homeschooling. I loved your honest article.

Coming from the Crew~