Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal Wk:8~Spring in MY SPRING!

The Homeschool ChickI'm participating weekly and you can too~                  My giddy-up is pretty much heading into full gear now that spring has sprung!  We had temps in the 60s today! wooht! AND the best thing is I got to ride my bike today!  Life is just gettn' sweeter~here's my week:

In My Life and In Our Homeschool This Week:
First, I've not exercised at the pool this week, but I have been more active and even rode my bike today! Soo all is not awash! I'm still sugar/white flour free, but looking at my portions as they tend to creep up on me so easily...I've had some ups and downs, but overall I'm doing okay.  

Virtual Academy has gone pretty light as the whole school has revamped due to the high school taking the graduation tests this week.  My daughter was taking it, and having been 'traditionally' homeschooled, it's been quite a BIG HAIRY DEAL to her about these very important tests. She is being tested in reading, writing, math, social studies and science...and well, she's only had the experience of a few CAT testings that I had done over the years...imagine that worry she's carried these past 6 weeks in that she really isn't SURE she's adequately prepared...This was the total reason we came to this online kids wanted to KNOW how they measured up to 'normal' and where they stood academically...Well, last week and actually pretty much all the previous weeks, I've shared how my son is doing. He is passing~an A but the rest...and I've had to ALLOW him to do...It's NOT been easy for me, but I have to let him SEE his own strengths and weaknesses...he's a very good kid! Would you believe he's been readying his outdoor fish pond for his fish this season?  CK OUT the pics at the end~I'm impressed with his efforts.  We need to fill and put fish in~but otherwise...looking pretty good!

My Favorite Thing This Week was...
I really enjoyed my bike ride~but that was today (Thursday!)  Other fave things was taking the youth to Dairy Queen and HOW FUN they are!  

But my absolute fave thing has to do with HOW IMPRESSED I am with my daughter's tenacity over this testing...she's so funny too...when I asked her if she passed, she said she basically bull OOOO kneed her way through the science portions today, but said that the reader would either think she IS ...
blond! LOL

I LOVE IT!  Well, if you ask this mama... ... ... ...
SHE'S ALL that...LOL!! (JK, babydoll!)

What's Working/Not Working For Us...
Still sneezing and hacking! But I'm lovin' this warmer weather!  Soo what's not working IS ALL the work we gotta do now to polish up the outside after winter...

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have...
Wonder if Girl Thing One PASSED (it's only pass/fail) the graduate testing?????

Here's a pic~
Thanks for coming by~

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