Saturday, March 19, 2011


I like our home; it just needs some TLC!
BTW~we live in both sides..and it's ONE house!

IS a work in progress~
This is the rough, glue stained porch after we removed that carpet~

This past week the weather was so great the kids and I headed outside and cleaned up the front yard a bit~moved some rock and my son cleaned up his fish pond after the winter season, while we all also tore out OLD NASTY carpet from the 70s on our front paint just yet or even new astro-turf carpets as of yet..but I'm dreaming...
Rock not totally moved, but redoing this bed completely...

Hub got out this morning and trimmed some bushes/cut a tree until the chainsaw broke...Well~thinking about all the future projects, one includes NEW gorgeous lights and I can't wait to get a new fan for my bedroom~woot!  (Maybe porch LIGHTS?)
My son's fish pond beside our garage~he can't wait to get fish...

Well, I'm jumping off here~HEADING to swim at the Y and OUTSIDE for the rest of this gorgeous, crispy
MY bike~but it's oh sooo fun!

BUT Oh sooo SUN filled day~HUGS!!

Go ck out  CSN Stores!They have almost EVERYTHING you would want~I know I like it! ;-)) On SECOND THOUGHT, maybe I should get a new bike seat or LIGHT for my porch??? WHAT would you get??

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Stacie said...

Hey Sister T!

I love your honesty about your home and I can SO relate. We moved into our current home almost 6 years ago and we are still "updating" and "improving." But at the end of the day, we have a home and I am so grateful.

Take care,