Friday, March 4, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday: Wk 9~Blah, blah, blah...

It really wasn't that bad as 'blah, blah, blah', but it wasn't overly GREAT either. It was just the routines of life with a restless heart in wanting my progress to MOVE faster! I was blessed with week with a pedaling system to start biking each morning in my bedroom before warm weather arrives here in our little neck of the woods where right now the sky is all gloomy promising MO rain to an already flood riddled-water soaked community~bummer! But on the other hand, this will mean a gorgeous spring so I can look forward to riding my three wheeler bike around my neighborhood each day to see gorgeous blooms and that great spark of green that means life is and spring has sprung!  Soo I'm not gonna complain. Even though there is snow promised by weekend, because I am so blessed to be celebrating that my eating continues sound. In fact, I am learning more how nutrition really is going to be a healing fix along with exercise to this weary obese body. What I have learned is that our cells ~our bodies at its tiniest point actually breaks all foods and liquids into basically three categories: FAT, PROTEIN and....SUGAR!  Well, the first two were no new revelation to me; my goodness our government has been harping since the 90s the evils of FAT-FILLED foods and have driven some to giving up so much~and even exercising sooo much~take my dear friend who 'got the message' so to speak in the late 80's (yeah, we're THAT who jazzercised and moved on to high defined body points, but her bones today??? They may likely crack out from under her should she move the wrong way..and at fifty, this is NOT good~but mention full fat eating and she cringes~but most willing to eat nonfat and loads of sugars, both hidden and not.  Of course, she's NOT obese.  I am.  But we're all learning, right? And my own lessons have been even worse.  What I'm learning is that sugar is hidden in not only evil~gorgeous~sinful~delish foods, but that it IS even my healthy mainstays such as all the green stuff and crunch...yup~you are reading me right. IF it ins't fat or protein~it's sugar. NOW, not ALL sugars are created equal.  You have the crunchy and we're not talking pure crunchy sugars, (NICE TRY),  but rather the ones the health gurus are going to tout, like our back to nature: FRESH FRUITS and VEGGIES~yes, they too have sugars but b/c of their high high fiberous INSOLUBLE fiberousness~that part passes digestion and SLOOOOOOOWS the absorbtion of SUGAR into the blood and thereby burns MORE effeciently? NEED a CHEMISTRY LESSON?? I did! In fact, three years ago I was in a nursing anatomy and physiology class and learned this stuff~sitting on that back row with my study buddies~raising my hand, "WHERE do the VEGGIES fit in???" uh..duh...well... ... SUGAR.  IS IT any wonder that I have still contracted with my MOSTLY~not kidding here or lying~MOSTLY vegetable based diet that I have developed insulin resistance?  And dear sister, do you know that just b/c I am obese and you may not be that YOU too can develop this too? Oh yes, my risks were higher, but I believed that eating just healthy foods were enough. But this strategy is not. And so what I am about to say is absolutely unbelievable:  Thin people are insulin resistant and can develop DIABETES too~This has totally blown my mind! Sooo just the thin or 'fit looking' by not really be soooo...back to judging book covers, are we??? LOL...better NOT! LOL...we had better delve a little more~

So in looking at my food, I can assure you that I have eaten my veggies, oh yes...but what is my overall CARB (sugar) intake? What's happening to me?? Well, after looking at this carefully and the changes I have made, remember that I have been 21 1/2 weeks NO processed/refined sugars or flours~and sooo I now am attacking in full force my overall sugar load each day. My neuropathy is resolving. My facial numbness is resolving.  My body is shrinking~listen, I haven't measured ME, but...I have weighed less before, but I NEVER EVER have been able to see all the liters and veins in my feet (not pretty, I'd say~), but certainly NO swelling or inflammation.  WHAT I am researching is that when the overall sugars are controlled in the body, inflammation decreases and the body can heal...boy is inflammation painful too.  For real, it is!  Soo now you know, dietary changes on are the horizon for me.  I am eating more protein and fat~don't get me wrong. I am still concerned with AMOUNTS but I am watching that load of sugar so closely. I don't even WANT sugar anymore because I feel sooo much better. I can't even describe the differences to you, but they are dramatic, and even that I WANT to exercise is just amazing! God is soo good! He's healing me! And I know that balance is key don't go thinking I am advocating a pound of bacon for breakfast or anything silly LIKE that! Oh no! This sister doesn't eat pork either, no joke.  Gave it up over 10 yrs ago...not kidding! So I know I can change. I know I will change.

My week?

I only got to the pool once, but did get out and walk and even have daily worked my arms and upper body.  No high impact for me...YET...but I sense that change is coming...and it's ALL gonna be good!

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Briana said...

Great info! I am curious to see what you are eating as you learn more about sugar(veggies) if you want to share.

I don't eat pork either. It grosses me out, well, all except bacon and ham which I don't eat on my current diet anyway.

Laura O in AK said...

Sugar is so incidious in our diet. Same goes for salt when getting processed foods at the store. I can tell the difference from what I make from scratch and the 'convience' items I will sometimes buy. Even my boys know and often prefer mom's homemade.

Good luck with getting more control on your nutrition. I can imagine that feeling better from reduced inflammation would be a great motivator to keep going.

Annie Kate said...

It's all about moderation in all things. If you're planning to cut out veggies for their sugar content, I highly recommend cutting fruit out first. That's where most of the sugar is.

Whatever you do, don't cut out all the veggies, though! Only the high-sugar ones like carrots. And keep eating your greens. LOL

Isn't it a crazy learning journey? You're doing so well!


Annie Kate