Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lip Smackn' Good~Organe Flav Carmex Moisture Plus TM Lip Balm TRIAL~

Whooohoo! OH Yeah!!
I got to try it as part of Carmex Blog Squad and believe ME THIS ONE smells and feels divine! I'm a SUNSHINE gal and lovn' the orange scent/soft flavor makes it oh soo sweet! Go for it, CARMEX! I love that it's sheer too! Super moisturizing and soft~WOW!  Living in this cold blustery place makes SisterT very grateful for great lip products that make her lips pucker up sweet!

This tube of orange flav Carmex Moisture Plus TM Lip Balm was provided to me as part of the Carmex Blog Sqad in exchange for my opinions without monetary compensation. My opinions are my own.  This product is being test marketed with the bloggers and not available commercially~but I hope it will be soon! ;-))

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Thanks again!!

SisterT ;-))

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Stacy said...

I used Carmex many years ago and found it to be quite nasty. Very nasty feel to it and horrible taste. Sounds like they've made some much-needed improvements over the years.

Thanks for sharing!