Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal Wk 6: Lord Willing, The Creek Won't RISE...

The Homeschool ChickSo we are now just into week five of our virtual academy experience.  I am totally amazed b/c I've hands off my son in many ways academically so he could discover his own stride in his education.  It's been eye opening to see him develop strategies to learn and it's exciting too. He has really found that he does need some help in some areas and he's been wise enough to ask for it~his sister to is acing most all but one of her classes with hundreds plus~he's asked her to! And what a joy to see HER teach HIM! This brought about a discussion about the future~she said she's considered being a school teacher, but of course...LOL, she said it's a consideration secondary to LAW...oh wow! We SHALL SEE just where we are going ~ ~ She has a love for the underdog, but also for an intellectual challenge~I can't wait to see what happens...

In My Life and In Our Homeschool This Week:
My week all started off with loads of rain so much that we had some localized flooding in our area by Wed. I became really thankful my kids are at home, once again, because I've been thankful more than once when they were home and not off at the public schools away from us~And then we have continued to work really hard in our schooling! They have logged in some incredible time in their educations since doing Virtual Academy.  
My life has been okay, in that I had a bit of difficulty due to all the bad weather earlier in the week getting out to exercise~but my food has stayed good; I even have learned some new insights about the dangers of high sugar in our diets...where it comes from and what it does~I'm week 22 today without white flour/sugar in my diet. and I am feeling GREAT! I measured my body today too, and so now I know just where I am, but believe me three pants sizes says something even if I didn't take time to measure before! Now that I have the number, keeping track will be easier.  I also have found a source for disposing of my big clothes...praise God!  And also I have been blessed with an exercise bike~NEW TO ME for a very reasonable price~Hub went and got it last night for me;-)) Now I can begin a morning ride before beginning my day to jump start my metabolism! 

Did I tell you that our cats got into some medications, and we had to search the floors cleaning them very well to be sure they didn't eat any??? LOL...well, sooo let's just say I got a head start on our spring cleaning! whoohoo! We worked so hard today scrubbing floors, walls, baseboards and it looks marvelous~THANKS CATS! LOL 

My Favorite Thing This Week was...
Besides the health stuff for me, I just LOVED reading my kid's papers and school work that they are doing in the virtual academy!  I can read the assignment submissions from their dropbox folders of all submissions I want to, and I was thrilled to read their work.  My son amazed me and had me laughing aloud when I saw in one assignment which was 'class participation' where the students all commented in a forum type activity and HE POSTED LINKS of screen shots from his computer to illustrate his points...ha! YOU GO, son!! I loved it~soo techy and MY BOY!  I love to see them excell~and daughter got a 100% on her biology test~AMAZING! (THIS is the class that the enrollment counselor said might give her math, is another thing! But more on that, later....)

What's Working/Not Working For Us...
My computer crashed last week~BUMMER! And so I struggled~am still struggling to stay on task with my duties! I MISS my files and pics~Hub was able to restore me to factory settings, but what a RUDE AWAKENING to have it all go to the 'blue screen of DEATH!'

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have...
WHEN IS spring break and SUMMER?? LOL... (We've been YR rounders most all of our academic careers~THIS is a BIG CHANGE!) ;-)) 

HERE'S A PIC, okay, three...LOL~ 


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Blossom said...

What a great encouraging post today! Things are going well for you and yours and it brings a smile :)
Congrats on the weight loss- sugar is a bad area for me... but fortunately I don't use it in my coffee (I drink way too much of it and wowzers if it had sugar!).
Great to hear both of your kiddos are doing well with the virtual academy. GOOD JOB!!
I'm thinking that high school would be very different than the elementary grades. I'm still not impressed with our/my experience but that is alright. It won't have caused any harm that I can see :)
Hope your weekend is swell and your next week is peachy!