Friday, March 11, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday~WK 10: Slow Week...Sorta!

I've had a wierd week.  I've been doing well with my eating plan.  I did change the construct of the foods I am consuming leaving more starches off my plate and going a little higher in protein.  NOT exactly calorieless, but much lower in the sugar department which has meant that I am still feeling GREAT for the most part..all except some emotional stuff I am going through. Loads of decisions and changes ALL at once!  These wonderful creations of God, our bodies are affected by our emotions, environment, food, water balance, exercise...oh my! The list is endless, but none the less, its a fine balance we seek, and I'm revamping my life one day at a time!  It is easy to feel overwhelmed right now, but I am keeping my shoulder to the wheel and pushing forward.  NO slack time for me.  Exercise consisted of riding my stationary bike and pedaling machine each day and/or swimming.  My body is shrinking still...this is GOOD~and while I haven't weighed in for a while, I don't let that stop me.  Leaving sugar and white junk behind has been one of the BEST things I've ever done for ME.  I know it's a challenge.  BELIEVE ME, I know...I am living it.  And for the other eaters in my life such as my family, I make things very hard~no mo FUN foods for I don't participate anymore.  But I've tried to ADD  IN some other stuff in our lives that equal LOVE just as much as eating together.  It's been a big change not to go out to eat for recreation.  Hub and I did THAT a lot...and for convenience.  NO MO...oh no! but I love the movies and well, biking and hopefully when the weather improves WALKING SOME...not too keen on this yet, but I will be...I also envision RUNNING...just you wait~Sister has some ideas for her future! Yes, INDEED!

What about you? Are you eying the future with your health and happiness in mind??
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Briana said...

Awesome girl!

It does change the family dynamic when you eat differently than everyone else.

Just keep on working toward a new you!

Jen said...

I've also thought about running! I couldn't believe it had even popped into my head. Slow and steady wins the race. I'm trying not to look at the big picture when it comes to weight loss. I have a lot to loose. But Weight Watcher's has broken it down into little goals for me. 5% off and so on. I like that.

My whole family is feeling better with our new eating plan. We are also very excited about our gardens this year. Talk about a work out. Gardening is great for that. Have a great week.