Friday, March 25, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday~WK 12: DANCING to the GROOVE...

I'm participating in Chai Mommy's Fit Mommy Friday and linking up for encouragement and support~ACCOUNTability~ Hey, you can too~click on that button! LOL

My week was good food wise. My smallest jeans continue to get bigger on me, and tonight I am measuring my body, since I don't have a doctor's appointment any time soon to weigh~but I'm really not worried about the scale all that much. The scale is NOT the measure of my success~EVERY BITE IS....I am tracking my food and activity and when I eat the way I am supposed to ~which I pray is a God honoring way~this weight is coming down...and I continue to heal. (I have measured and written it all down~;-)) Talk of diets is only as effective as far as gaining some sort of plan.  But in and of themselves, they have failed me.  I think of them as DIEt...and I really don't wanna GO there~death is not the purpose..up and down,,,down and up with my wt..not soo NOT healthy! AND DIEts do my I call my plan a LIFE PLAN or LIFEit...LOL...don't think I'm weird, okay? I AM MOSTLY fat in my head...soo it's my head I have to deal with.  My testimony is that I have in the past lost 135 lbs to regain portions~LARGE portions of it TWICE...and believe me when you have loads more to lose, it's like loosing ground~seriously!  I NEED help losing my weight. Hence why I write to you all here AND I also am involved with 12 step recovery groups and also I am developing my relationship with God who is helping me.  I can praise God for His grace and mercy!  Soo you see, weighing isn't all that in my book, but more important is WHAT IS EATING ME...soo hence where I am.  I do enjoy and study nutrition. It's important to know HOW to eat healthy and an eating plan should BE healthy for me...I have STILL given up the sugar and white flour which includes all products that contain them in any form other than fruit and veggies.  I try to eat as raw as possible much of my food~to maximize insoluble fiber so that first, it satisfies my hunger and second it processes in my body at a slow rate~not bombarding my cells with the sugars/nutrients in a fast was but over time.  I try to eat less process and don't each very much out of boxes or cans.  MOST of my food is fresh prepared either from the fresh isle, frozen food isle OR from my own home grown-food preservation processing which as home canning or freezing.  I want to maximize my nutrition as best possible and believe good solid wholesome food is key.

Recently I won Denise Austin's book Get Energy from Laura O's blog                                and I have been enjoying her information on gaining health in my life.  She's looking at life in the multidisciplinary way~mind/body and spirit. I need this~  So far, I am excited as this week i discovered online radio where I can pick songs and artist I want to hear~WOOT...and I have begun dancing like dancercizing~ WHICH IS SO FUN...I did this an entire 3 minutes to a favorite me, it was not so easy to rock it to that song..but I kept going...whew!!

It's little progress, but at my size and health, I can't afford to OVERDO and hurt my body further.  It will take patience and giving God the time to heal me as we move along.

I'm heading out on my bike again~whoohoo!

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Not a pretty bike, but it does the job~


Heather said...

You ARE doing well! Yeah for you!! I love reading your fit mommy posts:)

Blossom said...

A little bit at at time is progress! Keep up the good work :)