Friday, January 28, 2011

CHANGE~A New Method For Our Homeschool

We'll soon complete 10 years at home together homeschooling our two, and it was becoming evident it is time for a change. This past few weeks, I interviewed my kids about their opinions regarding homeschooling~to hear some of their truth~what they think~their dreams, goals and ambitions~AND fears. My kids have worried about not being prepared.  I've worried about them NOT being prepared. I've studied and read all the stuff out there~I've shared much of it here~I've talked to other parents about their homeschool graduates~I have DONE my homework...but I could never EVER wrap my mind around that in the end~WHAT I DID or DO will be enough. I'm no teacher~well, SisterT isn't half bad as a teacher, but I certainly don't know it all~(despite those who *might* say otherwise that I THINK I DO...LOL)...and fear not only HAD them, it was nipping at my heels too...(READ what they told me~ HERE!)
Read more about the new schoolroom HERE!
We've made a change. It's a big change. And I am so excited! In fact during the orientation of the online process, I began to more is the burden totally mine...I share it with an online academy~We BeGiN on Monday~wooot!  Not only am I thrilled, but so are my teenagers who are so excited too! We've reworked some space here in the house and materials began arriving TODAY~

Soooooooooooo what's in store NOW for SisterT? Well, I'm still homeschooling but with MORE support than I dreamed~and the freedom is going to beeeeeeeeeee soooooooo nice!

Yes, they are still home. Yes, we are still family and the bonds are present and growing...YES~I have wonderful kids and BELIEVE in HOME EDUCATION~but in our 9th hr, I needed to be SURE that our education we were giving was going to DO WHAT A SOLID education needs to do~

Thank You, Lord!
He has blessed us~
Look for posts concerning our NEW journey in homeschooling~Virtual Academy! Thanks so much for stopping by and I plan to share about upcoming Drama Club tryout happening in less than 48 hrs~BOTH kiddos are trying out~WOOT! Production this spring is Charlotte's Webb~

Let me know if you have these same thoughts and how you are coping with it~What are your plans for your high schoolers to get them diplomas?  Is a GED equivalent in your estimation? Ring in~Thanks for stopping by and caring enough to drop me a shout-out~HUGS!!


Blossom said...

You sound like you've made an informed decision that I hope all will be better for :) We (that means *I*) had thought of using k12 here in WY but honestly, I'm just not ready for it. But...I've thought of it more and more lately... the accountability and the fear that my kids will be missing something (the being 'prepared' part).
Prayers will be sent up in your behalf :)

Lynn said...

I've looked into the K12 programs before and found out they are government public school at home and we've decided never to go that route. It sounds like you've made a good decision for your family and that's what's important.. many blessings