Thursday, January 6, 2011

Struggles~Fit Mommy Fri Week 1:~NEW Beginnings: Exercise: Water Aerobics

Christmas was just lovely and I think I've burned out on some stuff~I am worn out mentally and physically.  My food plan has been sustained and continued and having added a 3X week trip to water aerobics has really made me exhausted...add up all the OTHER stuff I do..and where does blogging and tipter-life come in?  I am going to make some room to continue all the good things in my life~ALL of them...

We are looking at some educational changes as well~

I am continuing to participate in Fit Mommy Friday for accountability and support as well as the reviews and inspirations~LIFE is just moving a bit fast for me right now~

HOW I've done~

I did some super duper introspection this weekend all surrounding NEW beginnings with a brand new baby year and decided that something would definitely have to change.  On Monday, the family went to the YMCA and we swam/exercised as a family so we would pursue health a little more aggressively and even has committed to our continued healthy eating for the New Year~

We went Monday and Wednesday~my activity levels have increased~I'm having some health issues like numbness and nerve pain as well as muscle and joint paint too~not fun~but I'm still going at it~

My food is clean, but my portions need some more work.  I find that I can overeat celery~ha! SSSsssssssssoo don't let anybody kid you that veggies won't make you fat~it's a lie! LOL...I just may begin carrying around that measuring cup yet~

I'm also taking better care of my skin b/c living in a cold brisk climate where wind chills are zero or below can really chap and dry~THIS IS NEW!

Well, this is it for my week.  I continue to work the 12 step recovery model and work with my eating white stuff/sugars..I feel GREAT other than the forementioned ilks!

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Heather said...

I just wanted to tell you I have been reading your posts in my reader (very sorry I have not come by earlier to comment, but between having computer issues and Husband home, etc I just have not done much at all) ANYWAY, my point is to tell you I am amazed at how much you are doing and you are doing terrific being consistent! Hooray for you~you are an inspiration!

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

You are doing such a great job! Keep it up!!

Stacie said...

Hey SisterTipster,

Be encouraged!!!!! You are doing great; it's just one day at a time. Remember where your help comes from! :o) I'm praying for your strength.

Annie Kate said...

Just keep on going, but take it from me, if you're having numbness and joint issues it's time to slow down on the exercises that may be causing them and to switch to other ones.

Dont't be discouraged, though! It's just one of the hurdles you will have to overcome. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Even if you have to take some exercise time off, you can still keep on eating well and walking.


Annie Kate

Debbie said...

Water aerobics sounds like a fun way to exercise - expecially with the whole family going.

Guiding Light said...

Sounds like you have a mind to stay on track! Here is to FMF! We can do it - together! Blessings!

Guiding Light said...

Sounds like you have a mind to stay on track! Here is to FMF! We can do it - together! Blessings!