Sunday, January 23, 2011

Award: Stylish Blogger~Woot!

SisterT is so thankful for her friendships in bloggy world, and dear Sheriff Sheri over at 1of100 PLUS 25 TOS CREW Reviews has honored me with the Stylish Blogger Award~whoodda thought?  Here's what I need to do to accept this award and what my nominees will do:
1.  Award to 15~NOPE, I'm gonna do at least five, but it could be more when I get going...LOL
2.  Tell 7 things about ME~ha! You might be surprised to know...(READ ON....LOL)
3.  Head over to my nominees' blogs and let them know~
4.  For my nomiees LINK BACK to me~whoohoo! (Thankyaverymuch!)

Drum Roll PLEEZE~


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Mindful Ramblings(Julie)
Adventures in Unsell Land (Jennifer)
Our Village is a Little Different (Catherine)
The McClanahan 7 (Lisa)

Seven Facts About ME:
1. I like the color black and wear it a lot.  I have it in almost every room of the house in my decor.
2. I'm a lefty and when I played softball in 6th gr they called me "Lefty." LOL
3. I have three hole in each ear, but only wear two pair of earrings at a time ;-))
4. I secretly LONG to go back and finish my nursing degree~AND WILL one day...
5. We're doing construction in our home in a renovation. Plaster work is done in one area and now it's time to paint. 
6.  I LOVE bubble gum!
7.  I can draw, paint and love to do crafts~got my beads out today~I'm feeln' that urge to create something!

Thanks again, Sheri~you made my day! ;-))


Susan said...

Congratulations! You deserve it:-)

I have 3 holes in one ear and 2 in the other. But I rarely wear earrings. I have baby-pull-itis, lol. I did wear earrings today and they didn't get pulled, so maybe I can start wearing them again, we'll see.

Heather said...

Congrats! You deserve that:) I love your answers to 4,6 and 7. My kids can create stuff...not so much me!

Guiding Light said...

Thanks! And uh oh - I see we gave several out to the same folks! Oh well, lucky them, huh??? :-) You can see my post here Blessings!

Sheri said...

oh thanks so much Sistah! I was glad to learn some new things about ya. Bubble gum heh? I love red so with your black fancy and my red-we could do some awesome interior decorating! LOL they are complementary colors! :0) Have a great week ahead and yes-old is good and we are blessed. Thanks for the bday wishes

jlsgrant said...

Congrats to you and thanks for the award! Hmmmm...bubble gum, now that you mentioned it, it does sound good! Working on my post for tomorrow!

Jill said...

Thanks for the award. I posted about it tonight. An award like that really stretches me and is good for me. Thanks again.

Lisa said...

Thanks for giving me the Stylish Blogger Award.
Here's my post.