Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday FarmGirls at Heart~Nothing Like the Present and Crochet Is So...


Addicting? LOL!  Seriously, I love this art form~have for a very long time...but I'm a 'dumb' crafter b/c I don't read the patterns all that well, and I'm impatient.  AND NO~SisterT is NOT going to pray for any patience...she couldn't STAND the results of an answered prayer~the 'process' of developing it~ LOL!! But since I am totally impatient, I love the 1/2 double crochet for a lot of things.  Recently I finished up my son's blanket I began a year ago~it's 100% cotton yarn from Peaches & Cream and is chocolate brown-baby blue-cream patterned with a choco brown edge~

I got into making something quick and pretty easy too this holiday season and just couldn't quit~LOL...POTHOLDERS! NO kidding~ I made some with granny squares and then with 1/2 double or single crochets as well~included were some dish towels to match...These are really servicable and make the kitchen so ole timey and comfy!  At first, I put thin ready made potholders in between the two layers of work and then put an edge to hold it all in place~then I figured out that even though I was using thin ones, the premade ones are too thick, so I recycled some old blanket cotton flannel and doubled the thickness to make the 'just right.'

I also made a purse that you can see~it's lined and has a button closure~my hippie bag!

I am hankering~REALLY dying to get my hands on some sage green cotton yarn that is a 14oz cone from Sugar and Cream sold here locally to make a throw for my den~AND then there is this multi-colored one: purple, sage green and cream...oh oh oh! I can get excited! BUT WHERE would I use it??? I dunno, but I'd be IN LOVE for sure!

Okay, the first three pics shows how they're put together and that stuff I used. Some of the pics are backs and fronts~in that order...

Here's the back of the one above~
Single crochets will stitch it together.

Blue, pink and white set of 2 potholders.
Sachet in front of hand towel
Hand towel.
back of white potholder~
Same both sides~
Sachet and bath cloth.
green and brown front
green and brown back
My fave~brown front
My fave~brown back.
front green/brown
back green brown
front blue
This is a set with 2 dish rags, 2 potholders, dish towel and sachet.
Buttons to dress 'em up!
A little better view of son's afghan~
I'm glad to be back on the saddle the tractor LOL~ with FFG@H with Illinois Lori~Check out the other FarmGirls HERE!


Canadagirl said...

Wow !!! Look at all you have been up to. I love what little I have learned in crocheting. I am learning but am still in simple projects. I loved your hot pad idea. I will have to try that out soon. *grin*

Thank you so much for visiting me and I am glad I got over here to see your wonderful stitching.

Blessings in Him<><

Lorus! said...

You have been productive! I love those potholders and your idea for filling them with blanket flannel.

I have a pot holder I made years ago when I was still in my teens -many years ago ;)- and we still use it. I love crochet. I couldn't ever pick up knitting, but I've crocheted since I was 6 years old.

The purse is so cute! I really need to get my hooks out and make a thing or two while it's chilly enough to be under the crochet!

lexi @ pink and orange coffee said...

Those things are pretty! I wish I knew how to crochet or knit. I tried to teach myself but I was not a good student.

Illinois Lori said...

Sweet! You've been a busy, busy girl, LOL! Thanks so much for sharing :-)