Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blog Cruise: SisterT's Talking About HS Schedules...

Cking out the new space being made!
Structured days or not, we have a schedule.  But overall I'd say we are nontraditional.  For about the last 10 of the ten years, we've held pretty much to our own schedule of doing things.  Our daily schedule will depend upon the day, but we are likely to take Dec and birthdays off but do school on every other day or holiday~including Saturdays and some Sundays.  Sound funny? Well, we have moved and done a great deal of home renovation these past few years, so it's been pretty non traditional.  When hub was doing a few classes, he got them up and going by eight while I slept in.  Last year and the year before he taught science and Bible this way as well as music.  Since I'm doing all the classes this year, we begin at ten and keep going til we are done.  I'd say we are pretty flexible!  Tomorrow we are heading to the YMCA for gym first thing~drama group after which will take about 3-4 hrs including travel, and THEN we will hit some academics in the later afternoon/early evening to round out the day.  Anytime we go to drama it's a chunk of time as the class is an hour each way~sometimes they bring work with them~and when one is required and the other isn't~the one who isn't brings MORE schoolwork.  It's a rough schedule, but we make it work.  Getting in 900 hrs of instruction isn't hard~but boy it's timed all over the place...what was that word?  FLEXIBLE!

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