Friday, January 7, 2011

Review: See N Read: Reading Tools

SEE N READ~Reading Tools
Ages:  Preschool and up
Price: $2.99-3.49 (mulitiples and combo pricing available) $29.99 for eSee-N-Read
I say: very useful for a struggling reader with tracking issues.

I received three See-N-Read tools as part of The Old Schoolhouse Crew review group in exchange for my honest opinion without monetary compensation.

I had a struggling reader, that despite his improved fluency, does not like to read much at all even now.  But had I been introduced to See-Read Memory Mark(s) and the computer aid eSee-N-Read our struggles could have been decreased. My son had tracking difficulties that led to fluency issues that made reading a torture in his younger days of learning to read.  Way back when, this mama tried all kinds of stuff~but honestly nothing really fixed our issues~I cut a hole in a note card so that he was not distracted or taken off the line as his eyes learned to scan the printed page and we could attack the words one at a time~what a nice product and so handy for these issues.  It's a thick plastic glare resistant file card side tool that has a clear line where someone with this problem can view just what line or groups of words or numbers they are tying to read~this is awesome!  There are a couple of sizes available and you can even write on these so your child can have his own personalized if you have several in the family using them.  The anti glare is a gray-blue tone, and the window is clear to highlight small amounts of standard text so a child isn't overwhelmed by tracking and decoding~this is a win-win situation!

Benefits include:
reduces eye strain
the color is least distracting for people according to ophthalmology research
reduces line skipping
reduces word jumping
reduces pattern glace

These little reading tools are well worth trying if your child is a struggling reader like mine was~

Products Available:
MemoryMark™ book size reading tool (5.5 inch X 3 inch) for smaller-size books and reading materials
MemoryMark™ document size reading tool (8.5 inch X 3 inch) for full-size books, documents and reading materials
eSee-N-Read™ electronic Reading and Instruction Tool for PCs~ From the website: electronic version of our top-selling See-N-Read® Reading Tool. It is designed to enhance reading on personal computers and is an effective on-screen instruction and presentation tool

The Crew says                  about See-N-Read!

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