Wednesday, January 26, 2011

REVIEW: Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary For Kids

Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary For Kids
Age:  3rd-up (possibly adults with little knowledge~the format and color would make less intimidating.)
Web:  Lifeway StoresPrice: $14.99
I say: I truly love it~This is a wonderful resource MUST HAVE for a good introductory study of the Bible for children and up.

I received the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary For Kids as part of The Old Schoolhouse CREW review team in exchange for my honest opinions without monetary compensation. My opinions are my own.

Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary For Kids ~
This is a beautiful hardback book with 212 pages with really cool features to teach children the historical and practical information to unlock the Bible for them.  My teens think it's a great resource for kids, and I find it useful too in teaching the Bible. The format and layout~by alphabet is a very good way to find just what I need.  The features include:
  • Reconstructions~like a drawing of NT Rome. Very coool!
  • Illustrated Charts~like Foods in Bible Times:  Do you want to try something 'different'? Ever eat a fig?
  • Charts~The Apostles: I'm teaching about them right now in Youth Group @ church~sooo useful!
  • Entries~The KJV Bible is used in the defining and descriptions of each subject defined.
  • Pronunciation Guide~Ever wonder just HOW to say those funky names? Here's a great resource!
  • Photographs~My fave part~ACTUAL beautiful color photos~This feature alone makes this book AWESOME!
  • Realistic Illustrations~Drawn pictures of the Bible stories to depict ACTUAL HISTORY~woot! No kiddiefied stuff here!
  • Definitions~Bio info about the REAL PPL of the BIBLE~HISTORY has COME TO LIFE!
 Each topic/subject is catagorized by alphabet.  All A, B, C stuff is together so it's easy for little hands.  What an awesome resource for anyone teaching or learning the Bible YOUNG AND OLD alike! Kids of ALL ages will benefit. I find the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary For Kids useful for every level.  Your kids will love it~and what better way to deepen their Bible knowledge than with a beautifully written full color resource that they can definitely understand.  Of course, there can be more study added to the topics, but it's not overly simplified what is here~soo why NOT begin with a great many facts and continue to build their knowledge?  

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