Friday, January 21, 2011

Review: Speekee Spanish for Children Online

Speekee, Dino and Lupe'
Speekee~Spanish For Children
Age:  Toddler/Preschool to Elementary
Cost:  $7.50 mo  (First 2 wks FREE)
Website: Speekee TV Online also available on DVD format. 
I say: Really cute and engaging~LOVE Speekee!

I received a trial of online Speekee for review purposes from the vendor as part of The Old Schoolhouse Crew review team without monetary compensation for my opinions.
Thinking FOREIGN LANGUAGE for your child's future?  WHAT ABOUT Spanish~the up and coming language in the US~let's face it, there's a great need to know how to communicate mutli-culturally!  GET A JUMP START on those needed high school credits~Let Speekee charm and engage your little one into learning through emersion and activities~SPANISH with Speekee!

SisterT found herself singing along and remembering the dialog in this very cute multi sensory integrated approach to learning Spanish for young children!  Speekee is just a cute little purple puppet guy!  He is funny and quite engaging as the focal character along with Jim and the team of children who speak Spanish with subtitles provided to immerse children into this world of speaking a foreign language.  I love Speekee! Wish that we had had him when mine were littles.  My son watched  few episodes with me, but you can guess what a fifteen year old said about it all~BUT THEN...he can be excused as a fifteen year old, right? I KNOW children will love Speekee.  He is a brightly colored Henson-like puppet that reminds me of bygone days of Muppet mayhem! What fun and activities to get your child learning~SPANISH! 

How It works is you purchase a subscription and then obtain a user name and password to utilize the site on a monthly basis.  It's just a small investment ($7.50/mo) INITIAL 2 WKS FREE! to teach your young child Spanish in a fun way! Each video is really engaging.  Bright colors and practical themes such as the Park, Zoo, Cafe, Classroom and more. This is appropriate for the smallest learner~I actually think it reminds me not only of the Muppets, but also of the quality PBS preschool learning my children did when there were littles.  You can try Speekee  with 2 WEEKS FREE HERE!  What a wonderful opportunity to give your young child an educational advantage... The secret will be playing the films over and over~your kids will love it!...  And then when they are in high school LIKE MINE, they will be on top of the game in high school Spanish~woot! Every child deserves a kick start like this!

So won't you consider checking out SPEEKEE for your littles and give them a huge ADVANTAGE now for the future??

Go HERE to ck out what the Crew is saying!


Jill said...

My two youngest really liked Speekee and I found myself singing the songs at various times during the day. My oldest son at 17 was like your son: not so enthralled Haha.

Jim said...

¡Hola SisterTipster y familia! Soy Jim, amigo de Speekee. Just popping by to say a big MUCHAS GRACIAS to you for taking the time to review and post your thoughts about Speekee TV. Jim